Craft Elixirs – Pioneer Squares

Gummy Lemon-Mandarin Pioneer Squares by Craft Elixirs

Sweet and Squishy Surprise

Test Results: 10mg THC per serving

Craft Elixirs scores again by blending their very successful dried fruit and whole plant cannabis extract in a delicious chewy square. The quality was obvious when the enticing aroma of sweet citrus hit my nostrils and immediately had my mouth watering. The flavor reminded me of their Fremont Freaks, sugary sweet from the gummy with a tart contrast from the dried fruit floating inside. There is 10mg of THC mixed into the square and the Craft Elixers’ chefs managed to completely mask the flavor of cannabis. The easygoing high hit me from head to toe and made a nice addition to my Sunday afternoon.


Relaxing yet mellow high

Vegan, kosher and gluten-free

Offers a social high

Craft Elixirs Gummy Lemon-Mandarin Pioneer Squares