Crockett’s Confidential: Grown by Ideal Farms

Test results: 30.6% THC, 0.29% CBD


L.A. Confidential is paired with Family Secret by Crockett Family farms, a well-known cannabis seed breeding company with awards across the world for their genetics. It’s easy to tell why their strains possess the ability to reach over 30 percent THC when grown properly, and Crockett’s Confidential is an indica-dominant hybrid.


This flower possesses slightly narcotic effects that come on quite immediately, so pain relief would be an assumed characteristic. Ideal for focusing on stationary or creative work, there are uplifting properties that could be considered an option for treating depression. A very relaxing and intoxicating strain, it has the abilty to cause a severe case of ‘the munchies”.


Prominent calyxes with an ascending golden spiral structure accompany bright orange pistils and multiple layers of trichomes. Ideal Farms has invested time and care in the growing of a very fine phenotype that hides its light, lime green color underneath a coat of white frost. The nuggets are very dense and uniform in size and structure.


Earthy hash is the dominant scent of Crockett’s Confidential, with a fresh picked apricot undertone. The overall aroma is subtle, pleasant and very discreet. It’s not skunky cannabis strains, which can be overwhelmingly pungent. Instead, this is more like forest floor and stone fruit. I find myself lingering at the jar, drawing in the scent slowly.


Like a port wine, this strain is a very smooth and sweet treat. The flavor is a crisp and delicious combination of a strong chocolate-y hash and fruit, almost identical to the aroma. It’s a distinctly different sensation than the initial draw – a light spice and mango is present during exhale, leaving behind a long lasting and satisfying terpene aftertaste.


Relaxation and whole body sedation are the prominent effects delivered by Crockett’s Confidential. Introspective and happy creativity cascades over the mind, while hunger sets in. The result is a peaceful and tension-free state of mind with staying power. A small amount of this strain goes a long way.


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