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Crop Circle Chocolate: Farm-to-Table Cannabis Truffles



Farm-to-Table Cannabis Truffles by Crop Circle Chocolate

Cannabis Truffles by Crop Circle Chocolate

Chocolatiers Todd Shangold and Jeremiah Ballard crafted these mind-blowingly amazing strain-specific keif concentrate truffles in small batches. My assignment: To experience this full-spectrum edible, endowed with Fidus Family Farms’ Quantum Kush #4. I embarked on my mission with a fervor and found the box’s five distinct truffle flavors to be intoxicating and delightful. The Orange-Yuzu Zest was my favorite, but the Raspberry Velvet and Vanilla Hazelnut were close behind, and the Mint Meltaway and Floral Ginger chocolates were pretty damn enjoyable, too! The effects of this sativa strain turned me into Superwoman; I was clear-headed and industrious as I worked away on my homestead while my goats and chickens watched and wondered what had gotten into me.

Farm-to-Table Cannabis Truffles by Crop Circle Chocolate

Available At…

  1. Fidus PDX: 7501 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR 97219
  2. TreeHouse Collective: 2419 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232
  3. MOSS CROSSING: 2751 Friendly St., Eugene, OR 97405


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