Waste Not, Want Not: Cultivar Syndicate Has a Plan For Every Bud

If variety is the spice of life, the folks over at Cultivar Syndicate have got you covered. Earlier this year they produced clones from over 300 different mother plants, offering a rainbow of genetics, including rare strains like Seattle Soda and the ultra colorful D12. The effort that goes into sourcing such a high number of mother plants is astounding. Even more impressive, “the genetics are all vetted,” director Mike tells me. “Most of this stock came directly from the breeder themselves.” Seeing these plants grown in an efficient soil-hydro hybrid medium, reeking up the place and displaying a dazzling array of colors, it’s clear why House of Cultivar flowers have earned a cult status.

Cultivar Syndicate cannabis plant
Cultivar Syndicate green cannabis plant


The 14,000 sq. ft. building sat unused for 25 years before Cultivar Syndicate came in and rebuilt it from the ground up. Barriers were put in place for strict pest management, including installing cleanroom windows to pass clones from one room to the next. Passive airflow filtered and pulled from underground cools the rooms, so there’s no need for air conditioners blasting 24/7, and lights step up in intensity as the plants approach harvest time. Every corner reveals another meticulously planned piece of their vertical operation, which is entirely shaped around the lifecycle of the plants.

Cultivar Syndicate’s dedicated research and production of distillates, CO2 extracts and even tissue-cultures shows just how determined this crew is. Their vertical approach gives them the flexibility to put their flower where it’s best suited. Top-quality flowers are sealed in glass jars, the buds destined for joints that look and smell better than what most other gardens offer up. Anything else can potentially be concentrated, extracted or screened for use in their triple-fortified Goldfinger pre-rolls. Cultivar Syndicate has built their facility around finding the best use for each and every bud. Variety might be the spice of life, but quality’s the secret ingredient that keeps us coming back.

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