Cultivating Spirits: Food, Wine and Cannabis Tour

If you’re looking for an exciting cannabis-friendly activity on your trip to the mountains this winter, Cultivating Spirits might just have exactly what you’re looking for. This company offers a variety of uplifting tours designed to offer visitors a unique experience in Summit County. Smoke in style in one of their many lush limousines as you check out their food, wine and cannabis tour—a must for the Colorado experience. This innovative tour gives you an evening of spectacular views, information about cannabis pairing, and the expertly picked flavors of complementary wine and cuisine.

An evening on the food, wine and cannabis tour starts from your hotel, where you are picked up and whisked away in a luxury limo for an evening you won’t soon forget. The tour begins with a scenic drive through the Rocky Mountains, and guests are welcome to smoke their personal stash once tucked alongside the lush linings of the limo’s interior. Everybody gets a fresh pipe and lighter to fully enjoy the flavors of their bud while touring.


The first stop of the evening is an open and inviting restaurant space. At the Cultivating Spirits Eatery, guests will meet one of several gourmet chefs on staff, and are then seated at something similar to a chef’s table for a brief, informative cooking demonstration. While explaining the meal to come, the chef details the flavors of the evening and how the meal will complement the different terpenes and tannins they will taste as well. While the cooking demonstration gives guests an interactive feel, no cannabis is used in the preparation of the food at the eatery and no edibles are served to guests other than those they are able to purchase themselves. Cultivating Spirits has found that keeping the consumption suggestions to uplifting sativa strains helps keep everyone on an even keel.

While the chef gets things prepped at the eatery, it’s off to the next stop as guests are given a little time to build an appetite at nearby High Country Healing. This local dispensary is renowned for its high end products, knowledgeable staff and all-around consistent, quality experience. Here, one of the managers of HCH gives guests a special presentation on the wide array of cannabis flavors, what terpenes are and how they play into what kind of bud you like best. Next, a few flavorful options are recommended to complement the evening’s culinary agenda, and guests are given a chance to shop before rolling off in style to the wine-tasting portion of the tour.

“An evening on the food, wine and cannabis tour starts from your hotel, where you are picked up and whisked away in a luxury limo for an evening you won’t soon forget.”

En route to the third stop, guests are given a how-to in cannabis tasting to help them enjoy the full experience of their purchases. The limo, while being a great place to smoke, also makes a handy impromptu classroom for out-of-towners looking to expand their cannabis knowledge. Philip Wolf, CEO of Cultivating Spirits, understands education is helpful to those newer to cannabis, and sees how tours like these can help people integrate cannabis into mainstream culture with ease. At Cultivating Spirits, people enjoy mountains views, and can learn a thing or two about enjoying their weed and wine as well.

Next is the Frisco Wine Merchant, where a sommelier goes through a tasting of a few new and old world wines that have been chosen to pair with the meal. Fine cheeses and decadent chocolates are served to complement the vino, and help whet the appetite for what’s next. After wrapping things up in the luscious world of wine, the final stop of the night brings everyone back to the Cultivating Spirits Eatery.

Seated at the intimate chef’s table, a beautiful gourmet meal is prepared right in front of your eyes. Taking in the sights and smells is even more of a treat with the evening’s prior festivities to prepare you. Nothing like a case of the munchies to enhance one’s dining experience, am I right? The staff keep in mind not only what’s seasonal on the farm, but also what’s fresh on the dispensary shelves when planning these creative dining experiences.


Cultivating Spirits can work with guests to meet most dietary restrictions, and has a knack for coming up with amazing food in a variety of international fares. From Italian to Peruvian, Spanish tapas to Baja street tacos, the food is as seasonal, local and organic as possible. The staff’s ability to complement flavors of wine, cannabis and gastronomy simultaneously takes finesse. The fine folks at Cultivating Spirits have brought together an impressive multi-sensory experience for serious weed, wine and food enthusiasts, the casually curious canna-tourist and pretty much everyone in between.

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