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Culture Of Curing: Yofumo’s Revolutionary, Post-Harvest Terpene Enhancement

Denver-based company Yofumo, however, is about to put curing on the map. Their patent-pending technology takes the “guessing game” out of curing…



One of the most overlooked aspects of cannabis cultivation is the curing process, which is a bit odd, as curing is one of the most crucial components in producing a quality harvest. Denver-based company Yofumo, however, is about to put curing on the map. Their patent-pending technology takes the “guessing game” out of curing, and even enhances flavor and aroma while optimizing the flower’s natural terpene profile. Growers thereby have total access and control over the environment of their drying units, with the added assurance that their yields will be free from antimicrobial harm.

When Colorado legalized cannabis, Yofumo CEO and Co-Founder Alfonso Campalans noted the difficulties in ensuring the plant’s integrity in the post-harvest stage. Campalans thought of a small box from his childhood in Venezuela, one that sanitized water with ozone—one of the safest agents used to rid water of harmful bacteria, still used to this day. Then it hit him: what if he could harness the power of ozone, and apply these properties to the cannabis cultivation process? Imagine as a grower, having the ability to always guarantee the cleanliness of your herb? I’ve seen mold destroy entire harvests overnight, and the potential effects of accidentally smoking flower exposed to molds and other fungi can be quite dangerous.

With Yofumo, clean cannabis is just the beginning. The real game changer is the curing unit’s ability to enhance terpene profiles. Terpenes, the flavor and aromas naturally found in the cannabis plant, can also be found anywhere in nature, from pine needles to fruit. Imagine having the ability to not only enhance your favorite strain’s terpene level, but also having the option to experiment and add any type of natural terpene to compliment your flower.

Yofumo offers three different methods for curing and infusing your herb:

Plant on Self

This is your basic option for bringing out the absolute maximum flavor in your favorite strains. The interior of the curing unit is made of mahogany, a material that will absorb, and even enhance, terpenes. Yofumo recommends that these boxes be used one strain at a time; each time you use it, the effects become stronger and stronger.

Plant on Plant

Yofumo allows growers to enhance a strain’s natural terpene profile. Imagine taking the already unmistakable aroma of a strain such as Sour Diesel, and doubling the number of natural terpenes in the product. Now you can do that.




Partial Plant

This takes the Yofumo concept a step further. With this method, you have the option to isolate and enhance specific flavors from any strain. Take for instance, Cookies and Cream. Yofumo can enhance the specific terpenes that result in the creaminess of Cookies and Cream by isolating that specific flavor, then infusing it back into the product. Say you wanted to enhance the natural coffee undertones of a strain like Chocolope, or the blueberry notes from Blue Dream—this method would make those ideas possible, and then some.

Natural Exotics

This method gives the grower complete creative freedom to experiment and mix n’ match terpene profiles. Any pairing possibility is fair game—adding tangerine terpenes to Tiger’s Milk, for instance, or chocolate terpenes to Strawberry Cough. The team at Yofumo shared with me their brilliantly cured Gorilla Glue, infused with lime. The lime brought out the natural pine flavor of the Gorilla Glue, and it was like smoking a Gin and Tonic (an extremely smooth one, I might add).

Let’s review the basics, shall we? Actually, there’s nothing basic about this—it’s pretty freaking awesome! A curing system that cuts the average drying time by 40 percent, full control over regulating humidity and temperature levels, application of gaseous ozone to eliminate mold and fungus without compromising the plant’s precious trichomes, the ability to enhance and infuse natural terpenes…oh, and did I mention you can control the entire unit via a smartphone? Yeah, these guys thought of everything.


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