Michael O’malley’s Curved Rolling Papers: From Pipe Dream to Perfection

We’ve all had it happen. You lay a row of freshly ground weed into your paper, start rolling it up…and the bottom corners of the paper snag, crinkle and fail to tuck in. You carefully back it out and try again, but now the paper is creased, and it just keeps happening. It’s an annoying frustration, but the solution has existed for thirty years.

One day in 1977, (when those who smoked, smoked joints, and it was all roll-your-own), MIT student and “weed guy,” Michael O’Malley, invented an ingenious solution. He used scissors to cut curves along the bottom edges of his papers, making them perfect for joints—the corners always tucked. As an invention for stoners, he was onto something, but with prohibition in effect, it would have to wait.

O’Malley went on to become a successful software developer and consultant. Then, in 2015, he wanted to start a new chapter. He remembered his papers, and how well they worked. He refined the idea, found a manufacturer, and brought Curved Rolling Papers to market, giving us a paper that makes rolling joints easy—and so much more satisfying.

It’s easy to forget how popular roll-your-own still is, with all the new ways to consume, but it’s still a favorite for many. There’s just something about the ritual. And as far as health and the environment go, O’Malley is a big proponent of smoking over other methods like vaping. “With all the plastic and metal and solvents and processing, it’s sort of an ecological disaster,” he says. “Flower, paper and fire—it’s the natural way.”

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