Cycling From Seattle To Los Angeles

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Cycling From Seattle To Los Angeles

The idea was straightforward enough: cycle from Seattle to Los Angeles while exploring cannabis culture. What we’d actually find out in the field was unknown. Opportunities arose as we spread our networks and met new people from one region to the next. The news that some idiots were cycling down the West Coast looking for weed stories intrigued enough people in the right places. We were able to visit grows and farms in Olympia, Humboldt County and Santa Cruz; we slept at several bud and breakfasts; and I met people who’ve been in the industry for decades but only now feel comfortable talking to the media. It is a really exciting time in cannabis, everything is changing and will continue changing for the foreseeable future.

The DOPE Bicycle Tour attempted to catch a moment in time in the cannabis community, and covered 1442 miles and climbed over 50,000 feet in 42 days. My body hurts. I’m tired. I’d do it again.

Explore the journey on Instagram at @DOPEbicycletour or at the DOPE Bicycle Tour blog /dopebicycletour/.

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On camping…

My reality right now is that I’m really good at changing out of shorts and into pants while standing in dirt.

On passing time while cycling…

It’s like screaming into eternity and waiting for a reply.

On unexpected climbing…

When is this downhill going to quit being uphill?

On my choice of hashtag….

#highroller? More like #bonklord.

On self-reflection….

Us DOPE boys are like the Cadillacs of the champagne of beers.

On podcasts vs. music…

One man’s James Brown is another man’s Alec Baldwin.

While having stoned thoughts…

Would you weigh more if the earth wasn’t spinning?

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