D.I.E. Bearmy: Bearing A Soul

Meet Trigger.

He’s a bear, a rescue—once discarded, left alone. Until Tara Logsdon found him in a thrift store, like she does so many other lost teddies in “grave need of physical and psychological repair,” according to her website, www.bearmy.com. She finds and repairs their “dismembered souls and appendages” before putting them up for adoption, sold through her business, DIE Bearmy. Each bear is assigned a unique treatment plan. Trigger, for example, must sit in a sacred circle with homies for 20 minutes three times per week.

Dorothy Elizabeth Icenogle—Logsdon’s grandmother and the explanation behind the “DIE” monogram in DIE Bearmy—inspired Logson with her embroidery and volunteerism. Logson found her own way to give back by saving teddy bears from abandonment. DIE Bearmy aims to “combat mass production and consumption and bring awareness to the desertion of living and inanimate things.”

A One-of-a-kind Lovingly Reconstructed Bear from DIE Bearmy

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