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DabTabs: Naturally Engineered Cannabis Concentrate Carriers



Sour Tangie DabTabs by ilo x Gilt

Sour Tangie DabTabs by ilo x Gilt

DabTabs. Catchy name, right? But what are they? Thanks to a few super-smart, scientific-minded businessmen, we now have an engineered, natural ceramic vessel that absorbs and holds a predictably measured amount of cannabis concentrate. Portable, clean and easy to use, the mineral-based tablets are a way to enjoy the full effects of dabbing minus the scooping and burning. DabTabs retain the scrumptious flavor of the terpenes, and I found the tablets to be a smooth way to get high … if that’s a thing? If not, I just made it one. I lost my DabTab virginity using a Puffco Peak Vaporizer after educating myself the millennial way — with a YouTube tutorial. Any dab rig will work, but the Puffco Peak was a simple way to enjoy the Sour Tangie Tablets. After indulging in the DabTabs, I binged “Star Trek Discovery,” snuggled up to my pig Pearl on the couch and marveled at the sexiness of science.

DabTabs by ilo x Gilt

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