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Daddy Fat Sacks



Daddy Fat Sacks 1

Daddy Fat Sacks

Lessons in Sackology

Daddy Fat Sacks is a Tier III indoor grow in Spokane Valley that has been hitting the I-502 market hard. They have only had their product on the shelves for a few months and in that time have made big waves. Their marketing is fresh and innovative, drawing in new consumers, and the quality of their products keeps people coming back for more.

“We see it like growing an apple tree, “, Sam said,” immature plants make immature fruit.”

Upon entry I was warmly greeted by Sam Van Valer and Sarah Michalko, the two owner operators. They quickly began showing me around. It was clear from the beginning that quality of product and work environment are of the utmost importance. The employees were enthused, empowered , and excited while at work. They receive a living wage and paid time off.

Sam soon spoke about their philosophy on growing, . “We see it like growing an apple tree, “, Sam said,” immature plants make immature fruit.”. When flower does not meet their standards it ends up as concentrate. Their rosin and keif areis produced on site.

Daddy Fat Sacks

The team at Daddy Fat Sacks

All of the plants were started from seed, they currently curate 54 strains, many of which were bred in house. Currently, the team is in the process of narrowing this down to a more manageable number. Soon they will be growing from mother plants, once the room has finished being built out. Everything is grown pesticide free, in soil and hand watered. No pesticides are used. Their AC set up is a thing of beauty, it is one of the factors that they owe their clean grow too. They flush for 7-10 days and spend 10-17 days drying and curing. As Sam described all of this to me we briefly ran into Chris, their master grower, who humbly accepted the compliments Sam and I gave him.

After the tour I was lucky enough to try their products. I recommend everyone else do the same.


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