The Darkly Comedic World of Jaik Puppyteeth

Introspective and Devastatingly Honest Line Drawings

Jaik Puppyteeth, an artist located in Vancouver, B.C., has written for VICE Magazine. His work—typically one-panel line drawings—displays a darkly comic, abjectly absurd world laden with ‘50s camp sensibilities. Prints of his art can be found at or on his Instagram, @puppyteeth. Be forewarned—Jaik’s work will make you laugh, then quietly reflect on your own endless insecurities and existential dread. Enjoy!

DOPE Magazine: VICE has requested your dating expertise on occasion. Was this a surprise to you? Are you known in your circle of friends as a dating expert?

Jaik Puppyteeth: I honestly think the fact I have such a bad track record with relationships makes me charmingly unqualified to comment on them. I like critiquing relationships because I am nosy and no one should listen to my advice, anyway.

Q: Do you consider some of your work to be narcissistic? Is narcissism where you find your inspiration?

A: I like to focus my work around my problems and insecurities. If it’s narcissistic to talk about how flawed I am, yes, I guess I am inspired by my narcissism.

Jaik Puppyteeth
Jaik Puppyteeth

Q: You created a regularly-occurring panel called Pidgeys. Is there something about pigeons we can learn from? Why pigeons?

A: Pidgeys originally started with things I overheard people talking about at parties and restaurants. If I hear someone say something funny, I’ll jot it down and turn it into a comic. Pigeons are just the conduit I use to bring them to life.

Q: What’s on the horizon for you creatively? Anything that our readers should stay tuned for?

A: I’m really excited for the next couple of books I have planned! The more I make, the better they get. I am also working on new shirt designs and other merch, too! Plus some secret projects that are gonna be really fun!