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Keep Truckin’ On Deadhead OG Crumble: You’re Not Gonna “Haight” This

Quality Concentrates has teamed up with L.A. pop artist James Haunt for an exclusive line of XJ-13 shatter, featuring the most tasteful packaging I have…



Test Results: 74.8% THC | 1.4% CBD  |  Tested By: C4 Labs

So you wanna be a Deadhead?

Deadhead OG is a legendary hybrid collaboration between the classic strains SFV OG Kush and Chemdawg 91, making its concentrate counterpart an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.

My brain tingles as I exhale the diesely plume of sugary sweet smoke, laced with notes of lemon and earthy pine. Its flavors linger on my tongue long after I portion a second helping of the golden, dense, honeycomb fudge into my rig.

Deadhead OG Concentrate

Deadhead OG Concentrate

My body feels a floating sensation as heavy cerebral effects envelope my mind, making it difficult to focus, but easy to get up and get things done. The proverbial ‘rose-colored glasses’ fall over my eyes as my perception shifts, leaving me with a stress-free, elevated mood that allows me to interact socially and feel comfortable being in public.

A unique lucidity continues to grip me as Deadhead’s potently profound, euphoric effects offer relief for hours on end, both in body and mind.  |  Strain Name: @Deadhead OG | Producer: White Mountain Health Center

Available at: 

White Mountain Health Center: 9420 W Bell Rd #108, Sun City, AZ 85351


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