Death Star: A Rollercoaster of Relaxation


  • Test Results: 29.95% THC | 2.52% CBD
  • Tested by: Delta Verde Laboratory |
  • Instagram: @givingtreeaz
  • Twitter: @givingtreeaz
  • Website:

Death Star by The Giving Tree

Death Star, a Sensi Star and Sour Diesel cross, maintains the good parts of both parent strains. Blending a pleasant body relaxation and a head high that didn’t go skyward, I found myself humming along to “The Muppet Movie” while planted on my couch.

The high reminded me of walking through the top deck of a slow-moving ferry; my nose was on a gentle roller coaster of slightly sweet earthiness and fresh kettle corn, followed by a lingering light fuel scent reminiscent of a motocross track the day after a race, and then a pungent sniff of roasting, but unseasoned, Portobello mushrooms.

Death Star by The Giving Tree

Available At…

  1. Sticky Saguaro: 12338 E Riggs Rd., Chandler, AZ 85249
  2. Sky Dispensaries – Phoenix: 3155 E McDowell Rd #2, Phoenix, AZ 85008
  3. Giving Tree Dispensary: 21617 N 9th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85027

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