If The Shoe Hits: Dellene Peralta’s Stylish, Scorching Glass

Dellene Peralta has been on the torch for some time now. As a matter of a fact, I would call her an OG glass worker—and one of the best around, to boot. She first started in 1996 and has been creating one-of-a-kind pieces ever since. Dellene cites Clinton Roman as an inspiration from back in the day, explaining that he taught her how to make old school gold and silver pipes.

Dellene Peralta's Stylish, Scorching Glass

Dellene loves the infinite possibilities that come from working with glass; her creativity and artistic approach can instantly be seen in her work. She’s known for her high heel shoe rigs and dichroic applications, but Dellene also makes carb caps, pendants and fun sculptures. Most of what she makes are solo works, although she sometimes undertakes collaboration pieces with other artists.

She can make any piece for any budget, ranging from one hundred to thousands of dollars. You can find her work for sale in shops around the country, including Holy Smoke, Mary Jane’s and Gathering Glass in Washington state, and at Amazon Organics, MellowMood, Hotbox and 42degrees in Oregon. She can also be contacted for the occasional custom piece.

Dellene Peralta's Stylish, Scorching Glass

Instagram: @delleneperalta