Diego Pellicer: Green-Light District Scores Spanish Gold

The History

In the early 20th century, the grandson of Diego Pellicer, legendary hemp magnate and envoy of the Spanish Empire, formed the modern real estate investment company, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. — an organization intent on nothing less than becoming the number one retailer of premium marijuana. His grandfather was a man of luxury and society and his legacy lives on in the company’s exquisite store front in Seattle, Diego Pellicer. Here marks the entrance of a high roller to the table.

Diego Pellicer Exterior

The Business

The tasteful interior in Diego Pellicer, the first Seattle dispensary of the sort, accents a well-produced store experience. They offer a limited selection of high-quality products from such exclusive producers as Gold Leaf, GaGa Edibles, and Seattle Private Reserve. The vision of Diego Pellicer as a less stigmatized and more social cannabis-buying experience echoes the ambitions of Starbucks, which popularized coffee-centered culture. Future plans to include cafes in Diego Pellicer locations are exciting and welcome.

Diego Pellicer Interior

The Place

Diego Pellicer resembles Spain’s most elegant villas and art museums, with striking chandeliers, stone-white columns and cauldrons housing fresh-cut orchids. The store’s layout invites free-roaming with only occasional staff check-ins, more like a jewelery store than a traditional dispensary. Diego Pellicer further distinguishes itself by commissioning the creation of exclusive, or even one-of-a-kind, marijuana products. The $3600, 28-gram Leira Cannagar, was recently purchased by a prominent Miami DJ who flew in to pick it up in person. Who knows what you’ll see next!

Despite its focus on luxury, Diego Pellicer offers buying points for everybody. They welcomed me graciously, even as I insisted I was just a window shopper. “We sell top shelf product and we’re absolutely confident in that. Our focus in the store is the experience and education,” shared General Manager Jason Clark.

The front double-doors don’t close at Diego Pellicer because, as Derrick Bryant, Inventory Manager, told me “There’s something to see!” When Diego Pellicer finally opened those doors in Seattle’s SoDo Green Light District, it introduced us to a captivating presentation of high-quality marijuana for people of all walks of life.


2215 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


(206) 624-0070

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