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Testing the Legs: Climbing the San Gabriel Mountains for Camping and Cannabis



Testing the Legs: Climbing the San Gabriel Mountains for Camping and Cannabis 3

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]Is there a simpler pleasure than staring into a campfire? In preparation for the DOPE bicycle tour, myself and photographer Rolland Green embarked on an overnight bike camping trip to test our setups.

We loaded our bikes with tents, clothes, food and water, then took LA’s metro train to the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. One thing that is interesting about cycle touring is the gear you need. If you plan to camp, it is very nearly the same if you’re going for one night or six weeks. Our destination was Glen Campground, a free campsite at the end of a National Cycleway.

Nestled amongst a series of dams, Glen campsite suffers from a lack of potable water–a situation we remedied by strapping a half gallon apiece to our bags. We told ourselves it was good training, but is otherwise a spectacular spot to camp for being so close to the city.

Once the climbing was done, the tent set up, dinner taken out of its ready pack, and firewood collected, I got to thinking–what are the cannabis camping essentials?

Our First Night Setup

Our First Night Setup

When the Cycling’s Done and the Edibles Come Out

I decided to focus my research around edibles, for various reasons. As a weed cycle tourist, I need my lungs in fine form. Vape cartridges can be unreliable –fine if you have access to a dispensary but up a mountain that doesn’t seem likely. The same can be said of anything that requires electricity or has moving parts, so see-ya portable vaporizers. What about plain good ‘ol smoking? What about wildfires? Let’s not invite danger to the party, and make sure to keep our flames confined to the provided high-lipped campfire rings.

Exploring Your Surroundings

After a long day of cycling uphill, the energy reserves are lacking but curiosity can be piqued by ingesting a little sativa. The unfamiliar surrounds suddenly become a wonderland, rivers run with more sound, the setting sun highlights the flowers of surrounding scrub succulents and cactus.

The way that each patient’s body reacts to edibles can be a shifting experience. It’s best you try a few different edibles to find what works for you, and always remember to watch your intake. Edibles are my favorite way to medicate but you do have to be careful.

For a camping trip I like something that is small, packs a punch, and will help with post-cycling hunger. Hazelnug from Organicares Collective is a Nutella equivalent—I carry a jar of almond butter with me and combining the two on apple slices makes for an energetic experience.

One of Our First Camp Fires of the Trip

One of Our First Camp Fires of the Trip

Receiving Wisdom from the Flames

The campfire glows and beckons to be beholded. Ingesting a strong indica will likely dull your aches and pains, as your mind sways and licks at ideas like flames in the fire ring. This is the quiet time of night, when animals stalk the surrounding woods and the fire light is hearth and home.

Fire lock is the camping equivalent of couch lock, and for me, it’s where I want to be. Sitting on a log, staring at a fire. The real ultimate camping edible, purely for size and potency, is a Cheeba Chew. Their indica edible can truly stop you in your tracks, promoting deep thoughts and a dreamy night’s sleep.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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