DOPE Interviews | Jordan Hollywood

Since inking a deal with favorite Atlanta hip-hop label Quality Control Music earlier this year, Jordan Hollywood has been one of the most exciting new rappers and singers in the country. Hailing from South Florida, Hollywood is known for his hard-hitting lyricism, melodic trap-sound and visually thrilling music videos. He spent most of 2019 touring with Lil’ Baby, along with Quality Control’s Blueface and City Girls. Adidas also featured one of his tracks in their latest Freak cleats ad. Most recently, Hollywood released his aptly titled album “FINALLY” in 2018.

DOPE Interviews | Jordan Hollywood

What is it that drove you to hip hop?

That’s easy. Dr. Dre, “2001.” I came across the CD from my cousin. It had a weed plant on it, and I didn’t know what a weed plant was at that time. It looked cool. So, I put it on, and after that, I didn’t want to listen to anything other than music.

What makes Jordan Hollywood, Jordan Hollywood? Define who you are as an artist.

You never know what you’re going to get from me, whether it’s from a visual standpoint or musical standpoint. I just really do whatever I want. Things just change constantly. I’ve just never been someone who could be put into a box. That’s what makes me different from everybody else. When certain artists drop a song you kind of know what it’s going to sound like, or what the video’s vibe is going to look like.  But with me, you just don’t know if I’m going to be singing or rapping. Whether I’m shooting my videos in the hood, or in a jungle warzone. With me, you just never know what the fuck you’re going to get. It’s a surprise every time.

How is the rap scene where you’re from in Florida? Is it competitive?

I wouldn’t know if it’s competitive or not because I keep to myself mostly. There are a lot of artists where I’m from now, though.

Like many recent artists, you got your start on Soundcloud. What was it like for you when you were first getting your start?

I actually got my start on Myspace, but it was fucking good man!  I feel like I always had fans from the jump. I never had the most fans, but I was always doing decent numbers. Soundcloud came later on. 

You’re one of the best upcoming lyricists I’ve heard in a while. Do you write for just yourself, or do you write for other artists as well?

Both, but I prefer to write for myself.

How has it been working with some of the other artists on the Quality Control Music roster? Who has been the easiest to vibe with?

Amazing! Lil’ Baby has been the easiest to vibe with.

Your track “LET ME FIND OUT” with Lil’ Baby had a great response from the hip hop community. What collaborations in the near future will we see from you?

I ’m not sure yet to be honest.  Whatever happens, happens. I don’t plan that far ahead with features, but if I’m vibing with somebody and it feels right, I’ll throw them on the record.  That’s usually how it goes.

Christian Breslauer has directed all of your music videos since you were 17 years old, like “Explosion,” which takes place in the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia. How did that relationship come about? And how do you the two of you come up with the concepts for your videos?

I was looking for a director and I didn’t have money at the time so I couldn’t hire anybody. I knew I needed to find somebody that was just willing to build with me. So I went on Twitter and just asked who was down to direct for me.  Chris just hit me up within 10 minutes of me tweeting. I told him to come to my house, and he pulled up, and it was on from there. For the concepts, we just sit and brainstorm. We come up with a lot of shitty ideas. Sometimes though I’ll come up with a little thing that sparks something in his mind and the next thing you know, he’ll take it to the next level. That’s usually how it happens. He’ll just take it and turn it into a fucking movie!

You’re up for XXL’s Freshman Class of 2019. How do you think your chances look at winning a spot when it’s revealed this summer?

It’s out of my hands, so I don’t really think about it.

What can we look forward to this summer and late 2019 from Jordan Hollywood?

New music. New visuals and new memories. New everything.