Dope Magazine Election Party at Sparc

Tuesday, November 8th represented a monumental night for many issues, specifically on a state level within the cannabis space as well as across the nation with the presidential election operating in tandem. To ring in the results, DOPE Magazine produced its inaugural event within the Northern California region at dispensary Sparc SF. The evening’s presenters included the world’s cannabis information resource, Leafly, and was supported by sponsors Headset, Hypur, Lola Lola, Poseidon Asset Management, The Legion of Bloom and WURK, all progressive cannabis industry companies.

As invited guests entered the event space they were greeted by photographer and sponsor branded step and repeat to capture this epic moment in time. Similar to the question asked of Baby Boomers, “where were you when man landed on the moon?” we now can ask a similarly prolific question to millennials, “where were you when cannabis went recreational in California?”

Upon progression into the venue three mega 60″ TVs lined the walls airing the local Fox News station, CNN and New York Times live feed. Blue donkey and red elephant cupcakes in addition to blue and red Jones Soda were lined up on the countertops ready for consumption. Renowned San Francisco food truck, Senor Sisig was also on the scene serving light bites outside. Additionally, the ever-coveted DOPE swag bag adorned the walls of Sparc and were offered to every guest.

As the intensity heightened throughout the night, VapeXhle had set up a vape bar to take the edge off. A classic take on the American flag, DOPE Magazine represented in its own way by keeping the stripes, but swapping out the stars for a unique stamp on branding.

Upon the quasi-anticipated announcement of Proposition 64 passing, the crowd cheered in joyous unison with many “high” fives to follow…perhaps even a tear or two were shed. Following this amazing moment, the energy lowered and then shot up like a frightening roller coaster as updates of the national election were coming full circle. Blue state, red state, blue state, red state, red state, red state…Donald Trump. Whether attendees felt trumped or not, everyone walked away in good spirits and had a fabulous time at Sparc with a new standard on events produced by DOPE Magazine, now hitting the bay area.

A special thank you goes out to our Title Sponsor Leafly and Supporting Sponsors Headset, Hypur, Lola Lola, Poseidon Asset Management, The Legion of Bloom and WURK. A shout out goes to hmblt, Kiva and VapeXhle for contributing product to the event as well! For more events in the Northern California region, please contact [email protected].

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