The DOPEst Things at the 2018 Sasquatch! Music Festival

Sasquatch! Music Festival is three days of live music and sensory overload. Between the performing artists, bedazzled audience members, and otherworldly scenery of the Gorge Amphitheatre, it would be impossible to try catalog all the amazing sights, sounds and even tastes that made this year’s installment of the annual festival an experience to remember. I tried anyway.

These are the dopest things we saw at Sasquatch!, in roughly chronological order:

  1. The black party bus hosting a rave in the campgrounds.
  2. The field mouse popping up to munch grass beside our game of cornhole.
  3. The vegan food truck’s chili fries.
  4. The Sasquatch cutouts and other onsite art by Seattle’s Ryan Henry Ward.
  5. Country singer Margo Price saying “Light ‘em up out there,” to introduce her cover of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”
  6. Gang of Youths’ frontman David Le’aupepe’s overzealous headbanging and animated facial expressions.
  7. Two 60-something grandpas rocking out to Gang of Youths.
  8. Soul band The Suffers warming up for soundcheck to the tune of “Rock Lobster.”
  9. Hippo Campus playing lush indie pop for a glittery raver crowd at the Bigfoot Stage.
  10. The curly fries with barbecue sauce.
  11. Vince Staples.
  12. Tash Sultana composing soaring rock songs with only an eight-string guitar, her voice, and some clever looping techniques.
  13. David Byrne.
  14. The pink cloud sunset during David Byrne, by far the weekend’s most beautiful.
  15. Hey Good Lookin’” playing as the stage crew cleaned up after David Byrne.
  16. Thundercat jamming in sandals and a pink wig.
  17. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon saying, “Everyone look at the moon. Now, everyone who’s not on acid, look at the moon.”
  18. Tyler the Creator dancing down a felled prop tree with psychedelic jungle backdrop to close the festival’s first day of performances.
  19. The guy carrying a sign that read simply, “Zoo-Wee-Mama!”
  20. The guy who said, “There’s the Zoo-Wee-Mama guy again.”
  21. The bullfrogs croaking by the riverbed on the way back to the campgrounds.
  22. The guy yelling, “The Red Bull man is here!” as the energy drink company’s branded MINI Cooper arrived in the morning.
  23. Seattle funk band Polyrhythmics saying “Thank you for existing, Sasquatch,” after premiering two new tracks for the festival.
  24. The epic fantasy interludes between Magic Sword’s electro-rock dance tracks.
  25. Shakey Graves getting down on one knee for a goofy call and response of “La-da-dee!” with his audience.
  26. Spoon frontman Britt Daniel lying flat onstage and rising slowly like a crypt-keeper for the first verse of “I Ain’t the One.”
  27. The security guard dancing to Spoon.
  28. Pedro the Lion playing a suite of songs specifically tailored to tackle “misogyny and toxic masculinity” in the wake of the #MeToo movement.
  29. TV on the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek smoking a joint through the band’s opening number, “Young Liars.”
  30. The fireworks over Modest Mouse’s encore of “The World at Large.”
  31. Explosions in the Sky twirling their guitars between songs in their soaring post-rock set.
  32. Tank and the Bangas getting the entire mainstage pit to sit on the ground for a game of “How low can you go?”
  33. Tank and the Bangas covering OutKast’s “Roses” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
  34. (Sandy) Alex G jokingly snapping at the audience, “Hey! None of that!” as they cheered him on between jammy surf rock songs.
  35. Noname walking the crowd through her choruses so they could sing along.
  36. The many audience members carrying pineapples, for some inexplicable reason.
  37. The group of guys who held up an ear of corn and started chanting “Corn, corn, corn!” during Japanese Breakfast’s performance.
  38. Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek singing acapella with a warbly, Hank Williams-esque croon.
  39. Big Thief’s tear-inducing performance of “Mythological Beauty.”
  40. The churro man.
  41. The two elementary-age kids yelling to get the churro man’s attention.
  42. The trippy imagery subtly evolving on the screen behind Slowdive’s dreamy performance.
  43. The National’s singer Matt Berninger wading into the ravenous crowd with his microphone during “Mr. November.”
  44. Berninger introducing the song “Fake Empire,” saying, “This song was written about George W. Bush. It has absolutely no relevance today.”
  45. Anderson .Paak singing and keeping the beat on drums behind his band, The Free Nationals
  46. Anderson .Paak bidding farewell: “Sasquatch! This has been one of the best shows we’ve ever done. I ain’t even take any drugs, and y’all got me feeling high as hell.”
  47. The slowly moving mass of people belting the lyrics to “Just a Friend” on the final return trip to camp.
  48. Sitting back at camp and reminiscing about the weekend before sleepiness sets in.

Jeffrey Rindskopf

Jeffrey Rindskopf is a freelance writer and editor based in Seattle, born and raised in southern California. He attended film school at Chapman University before beginning his career as a freelancer in 2014, writing fiction and articles covering travel, food, and culture. When he isn't writing, Jeffrey likes to travel or simply melt into the couch while consuming some of his favorite media.