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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Dr. Jolly’s, Central Oregon’s First Dispensary

The Novel Tree is a high-end dispensary located in the city of Bellevue, fifteen minutes from downtown Seattle, with two separate stores under one roof: one for medical patients and one for adult recreational customers, each with its own distinct ambiance.



Dr. Jolly's Dispensary

Bend, Oregon

Dr. Jolly’s is a family-owned dispensary run by 2 brothers, the younger of whom is the titular Jolly.  Jolly got into the medical side of things in 2007, when he began to grow for a few medical patients. His hard work and attention to detail earned him awards in the burgeoning cannabis community. In 2013, the older brother, known as “Doctor,” brought his talents as a former Science Journal writer and materials handler to the new family business, and in April of 2014, Dr. Jolly’s was born. With the OLCC conversion that came in October of 2015, their doors opened to serve the people of Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Jolly's Dispensary Family Oregon

Dr. Jolly’s Dispensary Family

The Dispensary

We were greeted by a colorful lobby, cheerfully lit with plenty of area to sit and check out the menu, or view work by local glass artists and the many awards for their in-house products, produced before the recreational system came into play. With Bend being a well-known recreation destination, the store feels welcoming and unimposing for novice cannabis users, as well as the many medical patients they’ve served from the get-go. Dr. Jolly’s is close to completing a remodel on their grow and extract facilities, and are anxiously awaiting approval to start producing their in-house brands again.

“We offer pre-packaged [product] exclusively to preserve the freshness and integrity of our flower, and only source the best quality we can find.” – Emma, Dr. Jolly’s staff

Dr. Jolly's Dispensary Oregon

Dr. Jolly’s Dispensary

The Product

They currently sell product from some of the best producers in Oregon. When you walk into the main showroom, you are greeted by a brightly lit space, wooden cases set in a horseshoe formation displaying products with knowledgeable bartenders at each station, helpfully separated between med and rec. I enjoyed looking at the amazing flower selection from the Dr. Jolly’s in-house grow, their Gorilla Glue #4 being a standout! Emma, who has been with the company since shortly after its beginning, explained: “We offer pre-packaged [product] exclusively to preserve the freshness and integrity of our flower, and only source the best quality we can find.”

Dr.Jollys Dispensary Oregon

Dr.Jollys Dispensary

We were really blown away by the staff, and how they opened their doors for us. If you’re in the Bend area, I can’t recommend Dr. Jolly’s enough for a curious first-timer or seasoned veteran—Dr. Jolly’s is going to be phenomenal experience!

Location: 415 SE 3rd St, Bend, Oregon 97702 (541)508-97702

Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm, Sun: 9am-7pm

jollybend.comInstagram: @drjollys



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