Ask The Doctor With Dr. Stallings

Dr. Stalling’s passion for child safety began when he was working as an emergency room physician. During that time, he came up with some great inventions like The First Response Medical Kit, a take-home kit for child poison control. His compassion for helping people didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before he was approached and asked to come help out a collective in Eugene, Oregon that was in need of a doctor. From this position, Dr. Stalling peered into the world of cannabis medicine. Initially the medicinal value of cannabis was not Dr. Stalling’s focus, but very quickly the doctor’s perspective of the plant changed and he realized the purposeful role that cannabis plays in both the recreational and medical fields. Inspired, Dr. Stallings took a trip to Germany where he talked to many well-known scientists about the medical and scientific uses of the cannabis plant. With all the modifying and breeding, “We are changing the plant and we need to be concerned of that because it could turn out not so good, so we need to be careful,” he said.

Ronald Stalling
Ronald Stalling

With child safety not far from his mind, he looked into the struggles within the cannabis industry. Being the proprietor of The Emerald Leaf Institute, Stallings was trying to find a solution to child-resistant exit bags. Through those efforts came the design and implementation of Cann-Lok Exit Bags. These bags are constructed from 4ml-thick plastic and come equipped with a two-way zip tie that allows you to reuse the bag after you leave the store. Dr. Stalling has put these bags to the test in a kindergarten room with kids and candy. The bags had a 100 percent success rate. Waiting for O.H.A. approval, the Cann-Lok Exit Bags are coming soon. Dispensaries will be able to provide customers with a safe way to travel with their items after they leave the store.

Dr. stalling opened The Emerald Leaf Institute with the goal of high-quality cannabis for his patients and recreational customers. “Do your research on strains before you buy—less is best—especially when it comes to edibles because they can stay with you for a longer time,” Dr. Stalling shared. The Emerald Leaf Institute is located off of Northeast 37th and Columbia Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Stalling holds clinics for helping patients get their medical cards at the institute—which also operates as a full medical and recreational shop. If Dr. Stalling isn’t in the back doing an exam, he might be right out front behind the counter helping you decide what strain to pick.

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