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Drink & Be Merry: Secret Soda Takes the Guilt out of the Holiday Season



Drink & Be Merry: Secret Soda Takes the Guilt out of the Holiday Season 2

Secret Soda

Test results: 10mg CBD per 12oz

This holiday season, relax. You’ve earned it by picking up a Secret Soda. For the first time ever during a holiday, you can miraculously feel less guilty as you calculate nutrition into your holiday meal. Extracted from hemp and packed with natural flavors derived from delicious fruits and flowers from around the world, this line of THC-free sodas is sure to impress any annoying aunt or uncle at the table, giving them a clearer head. Steer clear from politics by giving the gift of a satisfying CBD-packed product with flavors including Secret Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda and Cola. The company, Secret Beverages Inc., also produces the Secret Juices and Secret Waters. There is the Secret Yuzu—Golden Asian Citrus; Secret Berry—Royal Blue and Red Berries; Secret Passion—Perfect Passion Fruit; and more. During our present opening, weWe here at DOPE sampled the Root Beer selection. Delicious! And we felt good about drinking it. For dessert, we added some organic vanilla ice cream and said goodnight.


Relaxing, making one feel stress free.

Healing for the body post workout or physical activity.

Happy and feeling good inside for making a healthy choice.Guilt-free beverage option!

Secret Soda in four flavors


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