DTPG Loves DTLA: Longtime Dispensary Embraces L.A. Community


  • Instagram: @dtpgdtla
  • Twitter: @dtpgla
  • Snapchat: @DTPG420
  • Website: dtpgla.com
  • Address: 1320 Mateo St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) – Los Angeles, CA

The Place

Tucked away in the industrial district is one of Los Angeles’ oldest and finest dispensaries, Downtown Patient Group. DTPG relocated three years ago to 1320 Mateo Street, their free-standing multi-room location that boasts a convenient and substantial parking lot, a positive and accommodating staff of 15 budtenders, a beautiful mural by 2Shae and a constantly expanding sports memorabilia collection including signed items from Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk and many more. The sports vibe emerged from the store’s revamp and filters into the dispensary’s impressive array of patient deals and specials by way of Lakers tickets and other giveaways.

Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) - Los Angeles, CA

The Product

Open 365 days a year, DTPG offers daily deals and two happy hours (10am–noon; 4:20–6:20), during which the first 10 to 20 patients get free gifts and medicine is discounted to a $25 cap on top-shelf eighths. First-time patients also get complimentary eighths with their initial purchase, referrals yield a free eighth per new patient, and terminally ill patients get bonuses on every visit.   DTPG also entertains social media giveaways and special “stash and dash” contests, most frequently on Snapchat (as Instagram has deleted their account eight times and counting) and $25-cap Mondays.

The People

Veterans of the cannabis community, DTPG has served patients for roughly ten years and currently provides a plethora of cannabis to more than 10,000 patients. In the words of their budtender of the year, Crystal, DTPG “really focuses on fostering community and creating a positive and affordable experience for patients.” That experience includes dozens of available strains of cannabis, hyper-limited craft batches, a healthy variety of CBD medicines (their 1:1 Harlequin and Candy Jack blend, Pennywise, was one of the tastier CBD-rich flowers available) and some OGs grown by (and exclusive to) DTPG.

Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) - Los Angeles, CA


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