Easy Holiday Trifle: The Best Kind of Triflin’

Trifle is the perfect dessert. Cake, custard, fruit and whipped cream…come on, how can it be any better? Well, I’ll tell you how: cannabis. Feel free to change the cake, custard or fruit in this recipe. It’s that easy. Remember: approach the trifle with a big spoon and dig deep—that way you get a little of everything. And to make life easier, we used instant pudding. Don’t freak! When you add the extracts, it works perfectly with all the other ingredients. Have the DOPEst month ever! We’re going to.


Serves 10-12

1 orange cake*, cut in cubes

1/3 cup orange juice

3 large pkg. instant vanilla pudding, depending on size of trifle bowl

7 cups milk

4-6 tablespoons canna-butter, melted and cooled for at least 10 minutes

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 teaspoon orange extract

2 cups raspberries

4 cups blackberries

2 cups heavy cream

4 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

½ cup pomegranate seeds


  1. Cut the cake in cubes and place half in the bottom of the trifle bowl. Drizzle with half the orange juices.
  2. Prepare the pudding using the milk, canna-butter, vanilla and orange extract. Top the cake with half the pudding.
  3. Place half the fruit on top of the pudding. Continue with another layer of cake, orange juice, custard and fruit.
  4. Whip the cream with the sugar and vanilla. Top the trifle with whipped cream and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. Trifle can be prepared a day in advance up to the whipped cream and pomegranate stage. Remember, dig deep while eating!

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