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Editor’s Choice – AuBox: Elegant, Discreet, Delivered



Editor's Choice - AuBox: Elegant, Discreet, Delivered 1

Picture this: At the end of the month, a sleek black box with the periodic symbol for gold printed on top, arrives at your house. Inside, you find San Francisco’s “absolute best” THC- and CBD-rich products.

This is the AuBox.

“We choose only the most effective and delicious, the most beautifully packaged and elegantly presented cannabis products you won’t want to hide,” AuBox CEO and Co-founder Jessica VerSteeg wrote. “It’s all part of our mission to elevate the plant for its power and potential—and remove its stigma.”

It’s deluxe. It’s discreet—and it’s delivered. The company is based in San Francisco and, as of January 1, delivers to any medical marijuana patient living within the state of California. They plan to deliver to nonmedical patients by 2018.

AuBox is run on a subscription-based model that allows people to purchase boxes that suit their lifestyle. After setting up an account, customers choose from a selection of themes. Customers can change their box theme from month to month or stick with the same box each time, and AuBox will curate the items to be delivered. The customer picks the delivery day that works best for them and then AuBox delivers—so kick back, Californians. VerSteeg and her Co-founder Rusty Deatherage are ready to cater to needs and quality expectations.

Prices range from a one-time purchase of $150 to a 12-month subscription at $1,188. For more information, visit

The Au Box


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