Editor’s Choice: The LEVO Machine, Oil Infusion Made Easy!


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Although the LEVO machine may look like a colorful espresso machine, it’s actually a sleek, easy-to-use oil infusion appliance. LEVO uses controlled heat to transfer flavor, scent, color and nutrients from a variety of botanical ingredients (cannabis flower, for example) into the carrier (oil or butter) of your choice. No mess, no stress and complete control over not only the dosage of your infusion, but the strain as well. From oils and butters for cakes and cookies to salad dressings and dips, the LEVO machine makes infusing your own ingredients simple and fun.

The LEVO Machine, Oil Infusion Made Easy!

But the benefits don’t stop at cannabis infusion. The LEVO machine can infuse any herb—rosemary, basil, clove, even fruits and vegetables—making it impeccable for homemade wellness products such as body scrubs, massage oils, salves, lip balms, facial serums, hair treatments, body creams and soaps. The topical possibilities are limitless, as are the gift opportunities for friends and family; flower-infused olive oil for the siblings and a homemade, lavender-infused body scrub or rosemary hair treatment for mom makes holiday shopping a whole lot easier. The best part? No messy straining or cleanup. The LEVO Machine comes with dishwasher-safe components that pop right out, leaving your kitchen clean—more time to enjoy your creative infusions!

There are no emulsifiers, solvents or additives required to infuse, and no pre-set temperature and time settings, allowing you creative control over your recipe. For novices, there’s an extremely helpful Time & Temperature Calculator on the LEVO website. Select your herb and oil of choice and a handy chart displays everything you need to know about the infusion, as well as important ingredient information to ensure your pairing choice will be successful. Classy aesthetics aside, the simplicity of the LEVO machine alone makes this a worthwhile purchase. The full autonomy and control you have over your ingredients, allows you to personalize your ingestion method and enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis and other herbs. We are over-the-moon elated with the LEVO machine!

The LEVO Machine, Oil Infusion Made Easy!


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