Editor’s Choice: Maria Valentino

Maria Valentino’s Serum Collection

Promoting plant-based healing and engaging the endocannabinoid system, this line was created by cutting-edge formulator Maria Valentino. Valentino set out to create a healing beauty line that combines premium botanicals, full-spectrum CBD, terpenes, active plant cells and the Reishi mushroom, which is used in traditional medicines in many Asian countries.

Valentino, who has been implementing herbalism throughout her entire life, made it her mission to find healing through plant-based medicine when family members needed treatments beyond those provided by Western medicine. This led to studies on the benefits of cannabinoids and how they can be directly absorbed in targeted areas through transdermal delivery, thus benefiting the entire body.

After years working in the lab, researching, Valentino has developed a beauty and wellness collection with real results that challenge the norm and offer a natural alternative to products often full of harmful fillers and chemical ingredients. She’s at the center of her company from product concept and ingredient sourcing to formulating and branding — a prime example of what it looks and feels like to live and breathe a plant-based lifestyle.

Valentino’s new line features three beauty and wellness serums geared toward promoting the health and vitality of skin, hair and nails. Be sure to check out the website for savings and product launches regularly.


Active botanical ingredients combined with CBD, terpenes, active plant cells and Reishi mushrooms create a nourishing serum that encourages new hair growth, luster and the production of cell energy. Lilac active plant cells in the serum help to soothe and reduce scalp irritation.

Pro Tip: Massage a generous amount of the Hair Nourishment serum into the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight for an intensive follicle and scalp treatment.


Containing protective antioxidants as well as CBD, terpenes, active plant cells and Reishi mushrooms, Valentino’s Nail Nourishment serum absorbs quickly into the cuticle, promoting nail growth and strength. The ingredients also work as anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents, keeping your nails healthy and white.

Pro Tip: Use Nail Nourishment before a day at the beach for added UV protection. The sweet almond oil and carrot seed oil in the serum act as a natural SPF 40 for daily protection.


This serum is ideal for all skin types and includes full-spectrum CBD, terpenes and Reishi mushrooms. For an added boost to collagen and keratinocyte production, the Skin Nourishment serum is loaded with active plant cells from the Egyptian Blue Lotus and Ancient Sequoia, known to limit free radicals. Sweet almond oil and carrot seed oil join forces to act as a barrier between the skin and damaging UV rays. A proprietary blend of essential oils not only heal but give this serum its clean scent — the women’s line offers floral notes, while the men’s lends an earthy aroma.

Pro Tip: Use this serum both in the AM and PM in an upward motion for maximum benefit.