Patient-Focused Care: Kim Farmer and Jenne Brdlik Help MMJ Cardholders in Need


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In 2012, Kim Farmer and business partner Jenne Brdlik became licensed caregivers, working together under the name Elevated Care; Brdlik won medical farmers market awards for her Critical Jack and Chemdawg products. A 2013 grow bust led to a year of court battles, however, ending with the charges being dismissed. But Farmer knew their cannabusiness wasn’t over.

“Medicine gave me my life back,” Brdlik shares — she and Farmer received their medical cards in 2011. “We wanted to do the same for other people.” Operating as Aromatic Kitchens in 2015, they bounced between dispensaries, never finding the right fit for their patient-focused company. A conversation at a medical marijuana card clinic led to an investor group, which allowed Farmer and Brdlik to co-found Tru Infusion — the name signifies their promise to never produce “spray on” medicine and to meet or exceed patient potency standards. They released a line of CBD products in 2016 and added THC products in late 2017.

“Medicine gave me my life back … We wanted to do the same for other people.” – Jenne Brdlik, Tru Infusion co-founder

“There’s a lot of people that use deceptive practices … we work really hard not to be those people,” Brdlik asserts. “There’s nothing like somebody depending on something, expecting it to deliver, and then it did one time, but didn’t another.” Honoring their caregiver roots, the pair create custom orders for those in need, including small-batch caramels made to patient specifications, hemp oil doggy tinctures and sleep-inducing vape blends for patients who eschew sleeping pills. “Lots of dispensaries are willing to work with you if you have [a] special case,” Farmer posits.

Even better, Farmer and Brdlik are able to provide much of these products at little or no cost to patients, as Brdlik uses their feedback for focus group-type research when creating new products. “I know what it’s like to be a patient and not be able to afford your medicine,” Brdlik says. Tru Infusion topicals, edibles, tinctures, capsules and cartridges are available in over 50 Arizona dispensaries.

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