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Emerald Phoenix: Step into the New Dispensary



EMERALD PHOENIX: Step into the New Dispensary

The moment I stepped in to Emerald Phoenix, I could tell it was a different Dispensary all together.  The open floor plan made the space feel more inviting and was a welcome change from the sterile doctor office backdrop I have become accustomed to. The personal check in process was a pleasant variation and gave me the chance to view products in the case as they took down my information. From the tasteful décor, to the wooden trim, to the warm glow of the LCD screens, this place just felt like home. Not to mention, it’s located right next to an MMJ Doctor’s Office and Paraphernalia Boutique.

It was very clear to me this dispensary prides itself on connecting with its patients and really looks for ways to craft a personal touch in every interaction. Despite being friends with one of the dispensary agents, I connected with several employees in the shop, had genuine conversations and learned a great deal about their patient-driven product program. My budtender had a bubbly personality, was friendly and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and helped me find just what I was looking for, thanks Alyssa!

I was thrilled to see the wide selection of products they carried, many of which I was familiar with. They easily have one of the larger cartridge selections in the city with brands like The Clear, VAPEN, O Pen, Dream Steam, Huxton Vape, K.I.N.D. and concentrates to match. I couldn’t help but pick up some Gorilla Glue Live Resin! The edible selection is on point too, with options that include Bhang, Kiva, Ganja Grindz, INFUSION and more. The flower selection caught my eye with plenty of classic strains like Blue Dream or Bubba Kush, as well as a few unfamiliar selections such as Carmel Ice and White Buffalo, each of which looked outstanding.




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Store hours: Mon–Sun: 9AM–7PM


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