Empower 4PLAY: Apply Liberally Whenever – and Wherever!

Empower 4play
Empower 4play

This lightly scented, cannabis-infused sensual oil is made to “Put it where you please.” Designed to act as an aphrodisiac (and it certainly functioned as such), the product’s creator Trista Okel sought to create a nonsticky, nontoxic, long-lasting cannabis experience that could be shared with a partner or enjoyed alone. The high-quality, very lightly colored oil smells wonderful, fresh, and sexy – and nothing like cannabis, despite containing 110 mg of THC and 6.2 mg of CBD per bottle (tested by MRX Labs).

The information card contains a very telling and accurate description of the product, including a section that reads: “Empower your sexuality with Empower 4PLAY, a light and pHresh cannabis-infused, sensory enlivening, topical pleasure oil designed to entice and arouse randy sensations for adult play time.”

It’s the only product from Empower Bodycare that contains activated THC, meaning it could cause intoxication and potentially appear on drug screens. The activated THC can be absorbed easily through contact with mucous membranes. It is edible and has very little flavor, with no cannabis taste whatsoever. Patients who suffer from pain during sex may experience relief with use. When used for this review, 4PLAY increased sensation and brought a slightly euphoric tingling, and both pleasure and warmth to the area where it was applied; the end result was mind-blowing orgasms for both users.

Empower Therapeutic Soaking Salts
Empower Therapeutic Soaking Salts
  • Fun marketing on the packaging promises “Equal Opportunity Orgasms – orgasms not included” (Are they sure about that?!)

  • Portland Approved! Made with the highest quality ingredients

  • Non GMO-Vegan-Cruelty Free-Sustainably Sourced

  • Caution: Empower 4PLAY is not compatible with latex condoms

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