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Cannabis Is Personal: On the Road To Individualized Medicine



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Why do two people who consume the same type and amount of cannabis have completely different experiences? Is it because cannabis is personal? We generally accept our genes as an explanation for why we might be lactose intolerant. But there is hesitation to apply this same logic when it comes to our individualized reactions to differing strains of cannabis. However, EndoCanna Health, a bioscience research company, can now identify your potential genetic expression based upon a swab you supply. The team then generates a report they’ve named the Endocannabinoid DNA Variant Report. From that, they suggest personalized cannabinoid ratios, terpenes and prepare an individualized wellness plan that includes cannabis and suggested dosage guides.

In a conversation with Len May, it becomes clear that just because you have a genetic predisposition or there’s a genetic marker that shows a variant, doesn’t mean the gene is going to express itself. Environmental factors and your lifestyle also affect your response. Let’s say you are someone who tends to get anxiety or experience paranoia when consuming cannabis as medicine. It’s fairly safe to assume that a gene may be one culprit of those less than desirable results. If you have a genetic predisposition that reacts adversely to certain cannabinoids, like THC, or a particular terpene that results in exacerbating your anxiety, what do you do? One option is to use a service like that provided by EndoCanna Health that will analyze your genetics in an effort to understand the relationship between your DNA and differing cannabis strains and products.

Often times a different formulation or ratio may allow you to consume medical cannabis without experiencing negative side effects—which can be different for each individual.

endocanna health

Test results such as that produced by EndoCanna Health are the beginning of the road map and one option for making decisions about the ways in which you consume cannabis as medicine. The human endocannabinoid system regulates digestion, absorption, cognitive functions, our sexual organs and muscles. It is the system that keeps our bodies in homeostasis or balance. When we are out of balance or experiencing inflammation, it is often the result of a deficiency somewhere in our endocannabinoid system. In response, we produce our own endogenous endocannabinoids, which are our healing chemicals within our bodies.

Inflammation in our bodies suggests we have a deficiency in our endogenous cannabinoids. Proof comes usually in the form of pain or discomfort. Our brain sends a message to address the inflammation. But according to Len May, “If our body is not producing enough healing properties, we are lucky that we have this one single plant in nature that has phytocannabinoids. These plant phytocannabinoids mimic the way that our own endogenous endocannabinoids work. When we have a deficiency, a combination of cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids from the plant bite the receptor sites we have in our bodies to play the role of balancing where we have our own natural deficiency.”

Len May believes we are on the verge of personalized medicine as far as cannabis is concerned. Consider his vision for the future of Western medicine using cannabis as part of that personalized recipe for wellness. In his vision of a best-case scenario, you have your own recipe for your medicine with your own ratios. You take your genetic profile with your personalized and preferred ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids to a compounding pharmacy. They will prepare your medicine using your ratios formulation of terpenes and cannabinoids so that no matter where you go in the world, you can get your medicine and it will be consistent. For many, in order for cannabis to be viewed as an acceptable option, it must be consistent.

Taken from an interview with Len May of EndoCanna Health


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