Euflora Southlands: Old Bank Finds New Life As a Dispensary


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Euflora – Aurora, CO

Established in 2014, Euflora is one of Colorado’s leading cannabis companies with six locations throughout Denver, Aurora, Longmont and Aspen, where they were one of the first to open recreational cannabis stores. Informally known as “The Apple Store of Cannabis,” they offer a unique, technical approach to the marijuana retail experience and represent a passion for cannabis with a strong emphasis on customer service. At Euflora they believe that, when properly used, cannabis can be used as a platform to transform lives.

Euflora - Aurora, CO

The Place

Euflora’s Southland location on Gun Club Road is an old bank that has been converted into a dispensary — as the owner likes to say, “Banks wouldn’t lend to us, so we started buying banks.” The interior preserves the nice, open feeling of a bank lobby, and the checkout area looks just like a teller space! The coolest part, hands down, is the vault, which Euflora has renovated and turned into a showcase for their signature edible line, District Edibles. I grabbed a box of the Blue Raspberry Indica Gummies, and they’ve been helping me sleep like a baby. I also couldn’t say no to a bag of “Pot Rox” I noticed on their appealing hexagonal edible display.

Euflora - Aurora, CO

The Product

All of Euflora’s strains are set up for customers to see — and sniff — the product up close and personal before deciding what to take home. I like how each strain is accompanied by a small iPad, which conveniently shows the genetics and effects of each option. Don’t worry; the iPad menus are easy enough for a grandma with glaucoma to navigate. Some of their most popular strains include Golden Goat (sativa), Death Star (indica), and Member Berries (indica) — a euphoria-inducing cross between Platinum OG and Grandaddy Purple.

Euflora - Aurora, CO

“ … as the owner likes to say, ‘Banks wouldn’t lend to us, so we started buying banks.’”

Melissa Joy

Melissa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where she couldn’t stay out of trouble for smoking weed--especially during college. Immediately after graduating with a business degree from Elmhurst College in 2012, Melissa made her way to the safe smoking haven of Colorado, where her love for live music and music blogging eventually led her to a part-time writing position with DOPE Magazine. Melissa enjoys medicating with indica-dominant hybrids, and will never say no to a big solventless glob. When she isn’t busy writing, Melissa loves spending her time in the mountains with friends, practicing her violin, and exploring the never-ending amounts of dank breweries and restaurants in Denver.