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Exploratorium After Dark



On most days, the Exploratorium is a place where children can learn about science through the many exhibitions that span the spectrum of science. On the evening of April 6th, however, this all changed for the evening. An astounding head count of over 4,000 adults filled the museum, ready to learn about cannabis. The Exploratorium After Dark was launched with a cannabis theme brought to us by Dark Heart/Alchemy. It was a wonderful marriage of the science behind the plant, which we defend everywhere, and the science behind the plant brought to us by one of the premier cultivators in Northern California.

Plant holder workshop close up

Of special note was the Alchemy terpene table exhibiting the ever-growing science of terpenes and gave many spectators of this event a deeper look into how terps work within cannabis as well as how they function in general in the plant world. In addition, the tissue culture exhibit showed the world how we can preserve rare strains of plants by essentially slow growing the tissues and storing them until needed. Think of it like a backup hard drive for a dispensary that fits in a small toolbox. The future is truly now.

Exploratorium attendees play with bubbles

Various cannabis exhibits and speeches were both engaging and highly informative, the true star of the show was the Exploratorium itself. The cornucopia of exhibits mainly geared toward children were truly appreciated by all of us—children at heart. All of the Exploratorium’s exhibits—light, sound, electricity and life science, to name a few were appreciated by the crowd that gathered. It’s the same wow factor one sees as a magician makes something or someone disappear. Inquisitive baffling wonderment came across the faces of the collective grown children in attendance. Attendees had the opportunity to see a Flower Dissection with Gaily Ezer and a slideshow of outstanding images from Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot Images. CW Labs were there to do a demonstration and answer questions about cannabis potency.

Plant holder workshop

We paired this experience with a few trips outside with the Alchemy Awaken Experience Box, a functional sativa mix of lemon grass, black pepper, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon and peppermint. Using local Dark Heart plants to medicate the blends, we are confident in their multi-herb vapor experiences. Sometimes it takes a lot to make the people of San Francisco say wow (we’re too hip for that). Thank you Alchemy/Dark Heart, thank you Exploratorium for the gentle reminder that there is wonderment around us every day.



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