F*cking Incredible: The Name Says It All

Test Results: THC 21.33% – CBD 0.79%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

Conceived from parent strains Burma and Afghanistan Kush, this 100 percent pure indica strain from Valley Healing Group is a well-rounded child of the ‘90s that absolutely lives up to its name.

F*cking Incredible
F*cking Incredible

I couldn’t believe my eyes, or nose, as I opened the container to reveal big dark green buds bursting with orange hairs, crusted in trichomes. My fingers were all I needed to break up the flower, releasing a distinctly potent, musky aroma that anyone with a neighborhood cat would be familiar with.

Smooth smoke rolled over my tongue like a carpet of velvety citrus and filled my lungs with skunky flavors of spicy pine kissed with creamy berries. My couch instantly became a floating marshmallow, engulfing me in a warm, sweet embrace that gradually expanded to surround my entire body. F.I.’s heady effects left my mind in a tranquil fog where time seemed to pass at its own leisure, the tension from my joints and muscles pleasantly releasing. My eyelids lowered and I succumbed to a sensation of pure bliss.

When the time came, sleep was not an issue. Although I woke up needing a big glass of water, this solid strain did the trick—and then some. F*cking Incredible!


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