Fire Friday: 2 Chainz and a $10,000 Bong

2 Chainz is a talented rapper originally hailing from Georgia.  His music has hit as high as #16 on the Billboard charts with tracks like We Own It (Fast & Furious) with Wiz Khalifa. 2 Chainz also has an internet show out called Most Expensivest S*** w/ 2 Chainz on the GQ Video channel on YouTube.

Making the Rounds

One of the most popular episodes going ‘round the internet is about the time he visited a head shop that acquired a $10,000 bong!  It’s one of the most expensivests bongs in the world apparently.

A Work of Art

Was 2 Chainz up for the challenge of trying the “Picasso” of water pipes?  Grind up the girl scout cookies, load it up into this bazooka!  This is how 2 Chainz responded when he was presented with the challenge.

The Manufacturer

The reason the bong is so expensive is because it’s one of a kind and was made special order from M&M Tech Glass in Los Angeles.  It’s called the “Armageddon” because it’s the end of the world when you hit it.

To Make a $10,000 Bong

M&M Tech spent up to four days hand crafting each piece of the bong separately. The glass they use is a “specialty glass” called German Schott Glass. There’s no specifics given in the video, but it looks about three feet or more tall.

To see more about what M&M Tech has on offer you can visit their Facebook page here.

The Experience

It must be good.  In the video you’ll see 2 Chainz spread his arms and fly like a plane.  On the video you’ll also see it takes a lot of lung power to pull a bong like this!

 In summary, 2 Chainz lays down what an experience with the Armageddon is like.

“… It was one wild and trippy experience.  I can’t even front.  I mean it was made of glass, it had chandeliers; it did everything except glow in the dark.”

The Video

You can see 2 Chainz’ internet series, Most Expensivest S*** on the GQ channel on YouTube and be sure to watch this video about the $10,000 bong.

Have you ever seen a water pipe like this?  Leave your comments below.

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