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Fire Friday: Burning Bowls With The Frost Pipe



Fire Friday: Burning Bowls With The Frost Pipe 1

Is pot paraphernalia a problem? Recently I had the opportunity to try out a pipe you can smoke out of and then it just disappears, without a trace – or evidence. Yes, the proverbial apple pipe, or a cardboard toilet paper insert and a piece of foil will do the trick – but what about a cool hit of ice, or a sweet hit of fruit juice that will just melt away when the deed is done?

Co-founders of the Frost Pipe, Frank and Dave, are admitted snow aliens from the planet Icelandia in the Centauri galaxy. (Hey, I’m a weed writer, you can’t make this stuff up – I just go with it.)

Frost Pipe in Green

Frost Pipe in Green

As the story goes, the two came to earth in search of adventure when they realized humans have yet to experience smoking out of pipes made of pure ice, an alleged cultural staple on planet Icelandia. The two then made the executive Icelandia decision to enlighten man (and woman) kind to the Frost Pipe experience on planet Earth.

The Frost Pipe is a temporary pipe you can make literally out of any liquid that will freeze. Just fill up the mold, set in the fridge for a few hours, insert the screen and enjoy a cooling, soothing hit. Afterwards, you can melt it down and drink it up for a fun-in-the-sun crowd pleaser, and an instant conversation piece – numb lips aside!

Thank you beings of Icelandia, we are way cooler on earth with your technology.

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