Fire Friday: LA Chocolate: Sweetly Medicated

The first cannabis pain medication I ever used were little candy rosettes made of infused dark chocolate, made for me by a farmer/chef in Humboldt County prior to elbow surgery. Needless to say, the Vicodin prescribed post-surgery was not necessary.

Since then I’ve used cannabis to put breast cancer into remission and have replaced up to ten prescription meds for various ailments by ingesting.

Covering several states in the U.S. for magazines, medicating can be challenging. And while Colorado is presenting with more medicinal-type products within its recreational isles, if I’m only allowed to shop with those looking to party, I must be creative.

A few squares of chocolate (depending on milligrams within dose) with a cup of tea at night is all that’s needed to help me fall asleep and keep inflammation and subsequent pain at bay.

If you are looking to ingest in lieu of smoking, the mantra is “Start low, go slow.” Pay attention to the amount of milligrams of activated THC in the product. Ten percent activated THC is a good place to start, and many chocolate bars are divided into 10 milligram doses. Instructions should be followed, and waiting anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes before taking another, if needed, is the norm.

Fine print: Mixing infused edibles with alcohol can heighten paranoia, stomach upset, central-nervous system jitters, and cause heart-palpitations. Cannabis will not stop your heart. Lay down and go to sleep.

If you present to the emergency room they will only give you valium to induce sleep and calm the central nervous system.

Something Chocolate

Mitch Koulouris’ mainstream career ended when he sold Digital Music Group, Inc. to Sony Music for just under 50 million. He had worked in-house at Tower Records, developing its first sales and inventory tracking system; formed a tech-publishing company, and created numerous publications for software developers, such as Microsoft and Oracle.

During this hi-tech time Koulouris said he needed a hobby to take his mind off daily pressures, and literally woke up one morning telling himself, “Make some chocolate.”
When the muse calls you must listen.

“I began experimenting with recipes and formulas, finally developing a killer recipe for dark, milk, and white chocolate,” he explained. “My friends liked it so much they encouraged me to sell it.
After literally years of encouragement, then having the funds and time to actually create a chocolate company, Koulouris said he combined his passions of chocolate, music and cannabis, with “Something Chocolate.”

Koulouris began infusing his all-natural Belgian chocolate truffle with cannabis and the magic began.

Packaging is derived from his love of music, with title tracks complimenting the goodness inside.

“Back in Black, Dark Side of the Moon, and Grunge – each flavor is named after and inspired by a song,” he shared. “For example, Black Betty is a dark chocolate with a hazelnut filling; Comfortably Numb is dark chocolate with peanut butter.”
Each package is designed with the sentimentality of rock and roll’s past, with art reminiscent of album liners, where the bands stories in song were once told.

“We call the boxes The 420 Box,as it contains four, 20 milligram truffles,” Koulouris said. “Future plans include new lines, such as Psychedelic 60s, and Totally Tubular 80s.”

The future looks sweet for California patients, and Koulouris said he has plans to license his brand in more retail shops and other states as opportunities arise.

For more information visit its Facebook page:

To Whom It May

A back injury in 2013 had Tomer Grassiany looking at different medicating options with cannabis. Workshops in making infusions for edibles, given by The Art of Edibles in Los Angeles, taught him its hand-processing process that excludes the use of butane, chemicals or heavy machinery in making cannabis oil.

“Organic cannabis flowers are pressed with organic coconut oil, which is then distilled twice for maximum purity and flavor,” Grassiany explained. “We launched with four flavors, dressed to impress as unforgettable characters.”

Dosing begins at a low 2.5 milligrams per piece, with other pieces ranging from 5 to 15 milligrams. The company also offers mixed boxes of medicated and non-medicated chocolates.

“The tiered dosing approach eliminates the need to ingest half or, in some cases, one quarter of an edible; it also gives you the freedom to individualize a desired dose,” Grassiany offered.

“Vivienne” is flavored with cherries and cayenne. Like the other cast of characters within Grassiany’s chocolates, she comes with a little poem…

Her voice red wine,

Her cheeks like cherries,

She is a Goddess.

Eccentric. Gushing.

She is honey.

She is cocoa.

“To Love is to Melt,” she coos,
As her cheetah circles the stage.

“Ralph” is flavored with hazelnut butter and raw honey; “Myra,” Grassiany said, “… gives us the dish on a boozy bon bon that blends the hum of hazelnuts with a boom of brandy and chorus of cocoa.”
To Whom it May can be ordered online via its web site,

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