German Techno Boyband FJAAK Talks Cannabis

“Weed Brings Out Our ‘Full Creative Potential”

You might have never heard of FJAAK, but tens of thousands of people around to globe love them. They boast more than 120 ,000 followers on Facebook, 90,000 followers on Instagram, and multiple YouTube videos with 400K hits or more.

The cannabis-friendly German electronic boy-group produces “driving, energetic rave tracks, which range from warm house to wild warehouse techno, with jacking U.K. garage and breakbeat or hardcore influences.”

“Most of our tracks are done entirely on analog equipment, as we use them as our main instruments,” they told DOPE.

German Techno Boyband FJAAK Talks Cannabis
Photo by Paul Krause

Based in Berlin, the three members of FJAAK have been making music together since childhood. Before Felix Wagner, Aaron Röbig and Kevin Kozicki united as FJAAK in the late 2000s they already had individual projects. They finally made their first release as a band in 2012 and followed up in 2013 with their first vinyl releases – “Remember Me” (Klasse Recordings) and “Mind Games” (Baalsaal).

Following another release for Klasse — 2014’s “Po’ Folk” — they released their first record on Modeselektor‘s 50 Weapons imprint and did several 12″ EPs later on, including a split release alongside their friend Rødhåd. When 50 Weapons ended around 2015, they moved to Modeselektor‘s main label, Monkeytown, and released their first self-titled debut album “FJAAK”. They will soon be releasing their second album, “Havel,” on their own, self-titled label.

Beyond techno music, the guys at FJAAK, who interview as a single unit, are well known for their love of cannabis. Their social media posts often feature them smoking up in strange places or weird attires. Interested in learning more about their love for the good herb, DOPE Magazine sat down with FJAAK for a nice conversation.

FJAAK’s Love Of Cannabis

The guys’ love of weed started when they were 16 or 17 years old.

“One year later we started to use it more regularly. At the beginning we were trying to do it as little as possible because everybody would tell you it’s a bad drug and will fuck up your entire life,” they said. “It took us some time to get around that and avoid being judged as a stupid lazy weed smoker, but after this period we realized our love and became ready for this amazing world full of cannabis!”

In fact, one of the band’s members is a legal cannabis patient in Germany, enjoying the world of controlled and legal medical care.

Cannabis And Art

Next up, we wanted to know how cannabis influences FJAAK’s art — they say weed plays a significant role in their music.

“In the early stages of our musical project(s) we started to use it [cannabis] whilst we were working,” they told DOPE. “It opens our minds and helps us delve deeper into our material. We can follow the same flow for hours on and on throughout day and night until we achieve something. It all depends on personal preference and tolerance because for some people it can be horrible to work on anything while they’re under the influence of cannabis, whilst others seem to reach their full creative potential.”

German Techno Boyband FJAAK Talks Cannabis
Photo by Anna Tea


We then inquired about the story behind the guys’ best joint. They had to think hard about it. “There would be a hundred stories because it gets better and better; they continue to top each other until something really magic happens … especially when you grow your own plants and smoke your own bud,” they said.

“Back then when we were teenagers we had some time and possibilities to make moments like this possible and share them with our friends and beloved ones. Right now, with all the traveling and so on we are more nomadic consumers — almost weed tourists,” they added.

In conclusion, we asked them to pick one quote from a book, movie, or song, etc. that relates to marijuana. They went for a phrase from the movie “How High.”

At one point, Jamal (played by rapper Redman) says “If I study high, take the test high, get high scores.”

“It just brings us back to the good old carefree youth we all enjoyed and also reminds us of the way we used to rock it,” the FJAAK boys explained, ending the chat with a piece of advice: “Do not get caught [smoking where it’s illegal].”

German Techno Boyband FJAAK Talks Cannabis

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