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In Focus: Giadha DeCarcer



IN FOCUS: Giadha DeCarcer

Giadha DeCarcer is an entrepreneur, investment banker and expert in strategic positioning in emerging high growth markets.

As an investment banker with JP Morgan Chase in New York and London, DeCarcer has served as a senior consultant in the defense, technology and telecommunications industries, and also launched and operated four data-driven businesses. She is now a key player in the cannabis industry as the leader of an information shop.

DeCarcer saw the opportunities years ago for her specific skill set applied to this industry. She thinks it’s time for better and more rigorous data and reporting on the industry. Lives are at stake for those in the medical marijuana businesses. Millions of dollars in investments in the cannabis industry as a whole rely on the kind of business intelligence she can provide.

Giadha is the CEO and founder of New Frontier Data, a data analytics company for the cannabis industry. She launched the company in 2014 and wants better data for industry investors to make more informed decisions. That’s what drove her to seek out a partnership with ArcView Group, a cannabis investor group, in 2015.

DOPE Magazine sat down with her in her M-street office in downtown D.C., for a lively conversation on why she got into the industry, what’s developing in the industry and why more and better data is critical in the cannabis sector right now.

DOPE Magazine: You were essentially a competitor of ArcView before you approached them with the idea of a partnership, right?

Giadha DeCarcer: Yes, I think the industry was sort of surprised that we came together. But we would love to see more research and data analytics in this space with an effort to truly bring transparency to the market. We welcome all analysts and data collectors, because at the end of the day there is enough work for everyone.

Q: What have you learned from your work in data analytics that you can apply to this industry?

A: That there will always be two sides to a story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You have a data set that says this and then you start digging deeper and then you add other data sets to it and all of a sudden you have a different picture.

Q: As a predictor of industry trends, what do you see happening in 2017?

A: First and foremost, there will be more players and more competition. There could possibly be thousands of new licenses. So in order to remain competitive, you are going to have to raise the bar. You have to understand market forces. You will see larger and more sophisticated companies coming into market. You are starting to see that already. We will probably see more consolidation. It’s a numbers game. But the real competition is not coming from within the industry. It is coming from the outside—conglomerates with deep pockets and experience and infrastructure.

Q: You are bringing more business intelligence to the industry. Is it time to change the perception of cannabis industry by mainstream business?

A: There is absolutely a need to elevate the discussion, and that is really part of our company mission. We will be providing information and rigorous data and reporting so that there is a message that is going out that hopefully elevates the discussion as a whole. And we are going to do a television show that is essentially a “60 Minutes” meets “morning news show” to educate those that are interested in what is happening in this industry from a financial markets perspective and from a policy and regulatory perspective, and talk about trends in economics.


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