The Future of Cannabis Clubs

The Future of Cannabis Clubs

2027 Revealed

Prohibition has been on the lips of many American progressives for almost a century. Election night 2016 for many turned out to be one of the highlights of our country’s battle with cannabis prohibition. In early November last year President Obama sat down with Bill Mahr. Their conversation waxed and waned on topics ranging from the GMO debate to the rise of Trump. Cannabis, as expected from a Mahr interview, also made its way into the conversation. So, we’re talking about cannabis again. It’s not shocking. What is new however is cannabis’ place in the public space. ‘Where can I smoke?’ is a question on the lips of almost anyone after purchasing legal cannabis from a dispensary or recreational shop.

In so many words, Obama said that the federal government will have extreme difficulties trying to enforce separate sets of rules for states that have legalized cannabis and those that haven’t. It won’t be tenable for the feds to “straddle” and enforce laws differently from one place to the next. Cannabis is on the lips of the most influential political and media leaders in the world. The move to cannabis use in public spaces is on the horizon, and it won’t be long until we’ve forgotten about the era in which cannabis use outside of your own home was taboo.

We’ve dusted off our crystal ball and dared to look into the future of cannabis clubs.

Colorado voted on Initiative 300 in the 2016 election and it passed. Although some Colorado cities have allowed certain clubs to exist as a BYOP establishment, this new measure permits the consumption of cannabis in permitted spaces like restaurants and bars for patrons of legal age. As with all good things, there are a few catches. Colorado has strict clean air acts that protect customers and employees, so smoking inside will be a big no-no. Vaping and edibles are no-holds-barred indoors, but the blunt my friends is going to have to be passed around outside. And establishments must possess support from a local association—a registered neighborhood or restaurant association for example.

Colorado’s forethought in regards to cannabis consumption and the canna-tourism industry has caught our attention and we can’t help but wonder what this means for the future of cannabis clubs. Whether you’re a Portlandian, Seattleite, Anchorage native or Vegas nightlife enthusiast, one thing is for certain – cannabis clubs, large and small, are coming to a neighborhood near you.

We’ve dusted off our crystal ball and dared to look into the future of cannabis clubs.

We’re covering it all. From the bright lights of Las Vegas, to your local neighborhood pubs and leaving no rock unturned. We’ll be diving into the secret nooks of the Smokeasy where lingering prohibition might force like-minded people to congregate in secret to enjoy their cannabis.

Sin City

The Canna Night Club

Sin City is always pushing the threshold of what’s new and next level in the nightlife scene. If you want to be seen and heard Vegas is the place to be. Vegas is the mecca of food, entertainment, music, beverages, mega resorts, gangsters and mob bosses—cannabis will be no exception.

Vegas and exclusivity go hand-and-hand, it’s what visitors from near and far have come to expect. Long lines, VIP shortcuts and best-dressed lists remain the norm. Club owners will pull out all the stops. You’d be silly not to spend your evening with them.

Let’s set the scene.

After making your way through security, a striking tuxedo-clad gentleman who introduces himself as Captain Kush escorts you and yours to the third level of an open-air club. Captain Kush is your guide for the evening and you’re told that despite being a holographic projection, he is very much at your every beck and call. At first glance, Captain Kush appears as real as the gorgeous drag queen that checked your coat. Stepping from the elevator you’re greeted with a birds-eye view of the club. You make your way past private glass-walled rooms labeled, “Super Lemon Haze,” “Jack Herer,” “Grape Ape” and “Agent Orange.” The Captain nods at the rooms and says, “these rooms are designed for those looking to use their imagination.” The club is cylindrical in shape and three stories tall sporting a rooftop bar and pool.

Future of Cannabis Clubs
Sin City – The Canna Nightclub

You reach your table—plush, gem-toned pillows line a velvet emerald couch. A SmartTable sits adjacent to the seating area allowing you to review strain information, the beverage and food menu as well as upcoming DJ and live entertainment sets with the swipe of a finger. Waiting on the table and propped up by the edge of a gold ashtray is a finely rolled cannagar cradled in a crimson band. From your spectacular perch the view is on point. From where you sit at roughly 11 o’clock on Tier III, you see it all. On Tier I, swanky bartenders muddle fresh squeezed juices with cannabis-infused tinctures. Vendors snake their way through the crowd holding silver trays flooded with the most enticing options. Exotic fruit, piping hot miniature pastries, luscious trichome-laden buds sitting atop gold-rimmed crystal saucers and loose leaf teas from around the world wait to be plucked from the trays by patrons looking to relax and sip on something hot in the comforts of their private booths. Women and men in fantastic wardrobes offer their expertise on cannabis products to curious groups looking to try something new. Celebrity strains and rare OG landrace strains are never far from reach. And for a price anything is attainable.

The rooftop bar is where you’ll find the world’s most celebrated mixologists. Cannabis infused cocktails, tincture and fruit simple syrups, cannabis infused cask aged blended scotch whiskies are up for grabs. These blended masterpieces will be concocted form the finest cannabis and ingredients on the market. Strong in flavor, but responsible in dosage, your beverage will enhance your high, not ruin your evening. Expect to sip on new undiscovered flavors while relaxing poolside under the stars.

Once back inside, peering from the comforts of your cozy, velvet armchair you make out the shapes and shadows of club-goers on Tier II. Their bodies pulse and flow freely to whatever electric music the DJ is spinning. Most nights, live bands play between DJ sets. This club is never short on entertainment and the people who come to dance never hold back. Tier II also houses three “Come Down” kiosks. This is where extraordinary science breathes new life into a less-than-desirable situation. If you started your night too quickly or are simply looking to alter your high your first order of business is to step up to one of the CD kiosks. Registered nurses offer attendees beverages and sublingual quick dissolving tablets formulated to dissipate the effects of cannabis in mere minutes.

Music  – In between live sets highlighting the most coveted artists a DJ spins records with live instrument accompaniments. Musicians intermingle with the crowd offering a unique and rare experience for club goers.

Food – Exceptional and renowned James Beard Award Winning chefs from around the globe will offer tapas worthy of recognition by the most prestigious of foodies. Flaky beignets, tarts, fig toasties and thyme Gougères crafted from the freshest ingredients are up for grabs. Light, flavorful fare keeps club goers sustained and satisfied without feeling like they’ve overdone it. Two-ounce fresh pressed juices are offered in a variety of nutritional and exceptional ingredients.

Technology – SmartTables abound leaving no club goer in the dark. Want to know which set is playing next on Tier II or which Hors d’oeuvres are being crafted in the kitchen? Simply tap on the nearest SmartTable and find out. Curious as to which terpenes are present in the strain you’re consuming? That’s right, the nearest SmartTable will give you all of the information you desire.

“Come Down” Kiosks – A decade of scientific research out of Israel’s finest research lab has unearthed a remedy for over-consumption. A natural compound presented in a sublingual tablet is placed under the tongue and within minutes the unfavorable effects of over-consumption slip away.

The Craft Cannabis Bar


These places are going to be the microbrewery pubs of the future. Never lacking in style or panache, the Smokeasy is regionally-themed and representative of the neighborhood in which it’s situated. Exclusive and often out-of-reach strains, concentrates and edibles will be up for grabs. After making your way through the dimly lit entrance, you post up on solid African Blackwood stools. Handcrafted woodwork throughout the club, live hemp plants, unparalleled service and exclusive  strains found nowhere else make the Smokeasy a must for any cannabis connoisseur. Craft beers brewed and flavored by cannabis hops hybrids are a must have. The citrus flavor and scent of Durban Poison blended into the sharp citrusy bite of an IPA is the Smokeasy favorite!

Future of Cannabis Clubs
The Craft Cannabis Bar – Smokeasy

The flowers and concentrates offered here will be focused on the craft of perfection. Flavor will be the biggest selling point, and potency is never far behind. We’re talking very limited runs on rare local strains. Local growers show up on site to answer questions and mingle with the crowd. Growing techniques and genetics are a hot topic. If you’ve ever geeked out over a posted beer list or a chance to speak to the brewer at your favorite beer hall, then the Smokeasy will be your nirvana.

Food – The menu is exquisite with fresh takes on classic plates. Cannabis cured bacon- wrapped dates are the house hit. The bacon is brined in cannabis-infused salt and smoked for 18 hours atop terpene-soaked woodchips. A delectable experience unique to the Smokeasy. Marionberry Kush and Juicy Fruit strains are used to smoke rare meats and cheeses for seasonal charcuterie plates.

Music – A Virtual Live Music Experience known simply as VLME is all the rage. The biggest bands play virtually for the crowd, offering a unique experience every night. Big brass bands to classic rock superstars make the set list, Smokeasy music sessions are intimate and exclusive to any day of the week.

Cannabis Offerings – Craft style cannabis is up for grabs and “hard to reach” OG landrace strains are on limited release menus. Quarterly coveted crops are displayed in small quantities for purchase. Smokeasy Club Members will have first pick of the rarest and most highly prized strains. Get them while you can; once they’re gone they’re gone.

Exclusivity – Reservations for select seating are made weeks in advance. Memberships are auctioned off on April 20th of each calendar year allowing the Smokeasy VIPs access to reserve strains and invitations to epic seasonal events.

Service – The Smokeasy is staffed with Cannabis Virtuosos offering their expertise to guests at no cost. What you would expect from a Napa Valley Sommelier is what you’ll get from a Smokeasy CV. Truly, an enhanced consumption experience.

The Future of Cannabis ClubsLocal Bar

Neighborhood Pub

Ye ol’ neighborhood watering hole. Pop in on your way home from work or swing by on game day. This bar won’t disappoint and you’ll always see a familiar face. A convenient and small refuge between work and home that allows a complete unwind. Fancy and pretentious do not describe this establishment.

Let’s set the scene.

Future of Cannabis Clubs
Local Bar – Neighborhood Pub

Paying homage to dive bars of the 90s and 2000s, neon lights buzz and glint in the moonlight. Your feet shuffle on the pavement towards the entrance and you feel immediately at home. Upon opening the swinging saloon-like doors, a few recognizable faces smile back at you and a small cheer erupts. Everyone is happy to see you. To your left, virtual pool tables shimmer like free standing swimming pools, the people around them bantering while passing around a hand rolled joint. You make your way towards the bar where you know your regular tender will have a most delectable cannabis recommendation.

Food – A neighborhood bar wouldn’t be reliable without a grilled cheese on the menu. Customizable, these golden beauties will be crisped to perfection, ooey-gooey and fried in your choice of cannabis infused butter or oil. Pick your terpene, pick your THC:CBD ratio, sit back, relax and enjoy the melted goodness.

Music – Jukeboxes capable of a “Music Cloud” experience wait patiently for you and your friends to arrive. Technology has flown to new heights and with the push of a button you can now dance, sing and karaoke in your own music bubble. Maybe you wanna jam out to TLC’s “Creep?” Who are we to stop ya?

Beverages – Terpene-infused flights offer two ounces of expertly matched cannabis to regional hops. It doesn’t get more intimate than the craft brewer. Everyone thought craft breweries would weed themselves out and it turns out that they did.

Interior –  Repurposed grow lamps, stools crafted from hemp and pipes from the earliest grows make up the interior of the bar. Paying homage to the early generations is done well.

Olfactory – OOOhhh that smell. The fumes of uncorrupted strains flume about. As you snake your way from the bar to the bathroom you recognize that the ventilation system is doing work. Smoke no longer lingers, but the scent of rare and scrumptious terpenes stimulate your senses.