Gaia Medbar

Edible enthusiasts unite in celebration as talented culinary artisans and visionaries shake the shackles of cannabis prohibition and create progressive new dishes using THC infused ingredients. Accomplished chefs Megan Endres and Zack Derck have teamed up with DOPE Magazine to repurpose and give new life to the handcrafted cannabinoid-laden chocolate Gaia Medbar.

Here are two party food treats that will “wow” your friends while giving a lift to the experience.

Canna-Chefs Megan Endres and Zack Derck
Canna-Chefs Megan Endres and Zack Derck

Megan Endres and Zack Derck relocated from Pennsylvania to pursue dreams of creating cannabis-infused culinary art for consumption. Combining their complementary skill sets, the duo has found a wide array of methods for the distinguishing flavor cannabis provides various dishes.

“We smoke a lot of meats with the stems,” says Derck. “It adds a striking and unique flavor that regular smoking doesn’t give.”

A classical 16th century savory sauce created in Mexico called mole is created by blending peppers and chocolate, as well as up to 30 other ingredients. Selected by Endres and Derck to add kick, “Holy Mole wings” combine four bold peppers, red wine and other ingredients with the espresso-bound, dark chocolate 120mg Medbar.

Five dozen chicken wings, first prepped with a tequila infused, chili-cilantro lime brine, undergo a flavor-enhancing overnight refrigerated immersion period before being tossed into the simmering signature spicy Gaia Holy Mole sauce. They’re then baked to a tender perfection.

Truffles ala Gaia Medbar
Truffles ala Gaia Medbar

“Cannabis is a savory flavor to begin with, so it pairs well will other strong and bold flavors,” says Endre. “It is a lot like chemistry – what combination will give the sought out flavor? We don’t utilize only the buds. We also use chopped leaves of the plant and the stems for smoking.”

Following piquant with sweet, the chefs produce beautiful handcrafted espresso dark chocolate truffles with honey to add to the structure. The decadent truffles are delicately rolled into misshapen spheres. Rich cacao dust or powdered sugar provide texture within the creamy chocolate interior.

Intending to entertain a lively party, the duo made sure the dosing was diluted enough that between six and nine of these savory wings, followed by a truffle or three, would be a suitable intake of the THC-infused chocolate.

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