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Ain’t No Party Like A Ganjapreneur Party: Female Cannabis Advocates Celebrate the Ganja Yoga Book Release



AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A GANJAPRENEUR PARTY: Female Cannabis Advocates Celebrate the Ganja Yoga Book Release 1

Sitting in a beautifully decorated apartment filled with some of my favorite women in the cannabis industry, celebrating Dee Dussault’s new book, Ganja Yoga, and feasting on Lauren Unger’s perfectly prepared and positioned dessert bar, speckled with pre-rolls from Humboldt Brothers, I felt completely at home.

I arrived at my friend Lauren’s house in Santa Monica earlier that afternoon, just in time to pick her up so we could go to an aromatherapy reiki meditation class taught by Reiki Master Callie Sorensen. The class was intensely healing and grounding, and we both left feeling buzzy and excited. As we set up the house for the guests’ arrival later that day, I was thoroughly impressed by Lauren’s attention to detail and eye for loveliness as she set up the tablescape.

Once the guests started arriving, it felt like a social media reunion. “I follow you on Instagram!” was exclaimed repeatedly, and arms were spread wide for consensual hugs. Most of us knew one another from our online presences, but hadn’t had a chance to hang out in person. The guests were all women, and all ganjapreneurs. It was glorious. Some product creators brought samples, which was an unexpected bonus: Betty from Betty Khronic brought some of her delectable infused raw vegan edibles, Janet from Crave Skincare brought LipLuv balm; the list goes on. I loved having a chance to sit down and really connect with these women outside of a typical networking event.

This is how I came to find myself talking animatedly about my love of giving Reiki-enhanced hand jobs, and my plans with my lover, B, for a resort trip this weekend for my birthday. Dee, who has a background in Tantra, in addition to yoga, didn’t even blink. It was just…normal. It was normal to have a group of colleagues smoking joints, sharing stories about their lives and having deep, insightful interactions. It was normal to share our triumphs and our struggles, offering advice and promising to stay in touch so we can collaborate down the road. It was normal to be supportive of one another’s ventures, rather than competitive. I think we could all use more evenings like these.

I am so grateful to Lauren, who is a private chef and Reiki Master, in addition to being the Community Manager for Humboldt Brothers, for hosting this remarkable gathering.



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