A Hole in One: Gemini Glass’ Intricate Disc Golf Rig


  • Facebook: @GeminiKyle
  • Instagram: @geminiglass99

“Ace” Disc Golf Rig by Gemini Glass

This disc golf-themed rig was made by Eugene artist Gemini Glass in September of 2017. Titled “Ace,” his inspiration for the glassket came from the scenery and landscape one might see on a disc golf course from the course itself to the basket, where a disc is about to drop in for an ace.

"Ace" Disc Golf Rig by Gemini Glass

Gemini Glass puts a lot of work into his pieces, which is quite evident in this rig: the frit used on the inside of the tubing for the base; the steel wool rub on the glassket; the carefully faceted marble. “Ace” is sure to delight disc golf fans and glass enthusiasts alike, and this piece is currently available for purchase directly from the artist. Contact him on his Instagram page (@Geminiglass99), his Facebook (@GeminiKyle) or email him at [email protected].

"Ace" Disc Golf Rig by Gemini Glass


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