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Hump Day High: A Romantic Getaway to a Dark Sky Community with the CannaSexual



A Romantic Getaway to a Dark Sky Community with the CannaSexual

“This is where they keep the stars,” my boyfriend whispered in my ear. His arms encircled me as I gazed upward, eyes wide, mouth agape. All I could say was, “Wow!” over and over again.

Polyamory life usually means splitting or working around holidays, so since B was going to be spending NYE with his wife, we decided to go away for an overnight getaway the weekend prior. He chose the location, a quaint inn in Borrego Springs, California, because it boasted in-room fireplaces, beautiful views and a clothing-optional heated pool and hot tub.

As I began researching the locale, I learned the real reason he chose it — Borrego Springs is in the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is designated as an international “Dark Sky Community.” This means they actively curtail light pollution so you can see infinitely more stars with the naked eye than you could in a typical city. We could actually see the Milky Way from our patio. There are about 15 of these Dark Sky locations in the United States, and we’re lucky enough to live about an hour and a half from one of them.

A Romantic Getaway to a Dark Sky Community with the CannaSexual

He got to my house at 9 a.m. on Saturday. We couldn’t check in until 3 p.m., so we had to occupy our time somehow. I made breakfast, then we cuddled naked in bed for an hour, then had sex for two, then cuddled more. At some point lunch happened. We arrived in the afternoon with luggage in hand — two suitcases each. This may sound like overkill for one night, but we always approach packing with a “more is more” mindset. One of my suitcases was filled with nothing but sex toys, lube and lingerie. The other one held my VapeXhale and some Galactic Jack flower, incense, tea lights, essential oils, a diffuser and some fuzzy warm things, because the desert gets cold at night!

As an eager service submissive, I took charge of the unpacking and setting up process while B showered and relaxed. Once the room was arranged to my liking, we had sex for another hour. Then we donned our fluffy cotton robes, took a few puffs from the vape, turned on the gas fireplace and went to check out the hot tub and watch the sunset. It was glorious. The sky was streaked in pink and orange and the stars started appearing right away. We soaked for a bit in the blissfully hot tub, naked, then meandered back to the room for more sex. By the time we took our next break, the sky was pitch black. He led me out to the patio with blankets and a sleeping bag and held me as I looked up at the stars in wonder. I touched the Tiffany chain and lock around my neck (my anniversary gift last year) and passionately proclaimed that I was his in every conceivable way. God, I love that man.

A Romantic Getaway to a Dark Sky Community with the CannaSexual

We stayed up until 2 a.m. having sex, making love, touching souls and flying through the universe together in every way we could think of. Toys, hands, mouths — nothing was off-limits. It was magical. One of the most romantic and connective nights we’ve ever spent together. Wow.




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