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GG4: Stoney-Yet-Productive High from Alaf Farms



GG4 by Alaf Farms

GG4 by Alaf Farms

Alaf Farms’ GG4 buds are chunky and well-cured — an earthy, cheesy hybrid that, when squeezed, has a deep pine nose. It comes with focus and fixed attention, though still provides a super stoney feel; I can smoke this in the afternoon and still follow through on my day-to-day activities without any drowsiness. It’s a fun, mellow feeling.

The high hits your head first, then moves to your body for a long-lasting chill. The soft, pleasant euphoria is perfect for being creative or enhancing a quick getaway. This Sour Diesel relative doesn’t disappoint; it’s all relaxation.

GG4 by Alaf Farms

Available At…

  1. Alaf Farms Delivery: Los Angeles Area


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