Light And Loud: Achieve Bliss with Glue Nana Concentrate


  • Test Results: 67.17% THC | .03% CBDa | .23% CBG | 3.61% CBGa
  • Hybrid
  • Tested By: SC Labs
  • Instagram: @trichomeheavyextracts1
  • Instagram: @bonvivantcali

Glue Nana by Trichome Heavy Extracts & Bon Vivant Cali

Aromatic notes of fruit and honey dominated Glue Nana’s ambrosial reveal when I lifted the cap on the carefully crafted concentrate collaboration from Mendocino’s Bon Vivant Cali and Trichome Heavy Extracts. Processed in Los Angeles and packaged in a cute glass jar, the fresh-frozen, plant-derived, small-batch, first-wash bubble hash shimmered a bright, whitish yellow as it glistened in the morning sunlight.

Upon first inhale, I felt a healthy rush of blood to my brain and a waterfall of happiness wash over my face as flavors of creamy vanilla, strawberry and banana stuck to my palate. At ideal temperature, Glue Nana is the dab equivalent of a breakfast crème brûlée; it melted evenly and delivered a powerful punch with a small dosage at low temperature. Despite its heavy Gorilla Glue composition (75 percent), the accompanying high was light and ethereal—perfect for daytime consumption.

Glue Nana by Trichome Heavy Extracts & Bon Vivant Cali
Glue Nana Concentrate

Available At….

  1. TLC Collective: 3650 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023
  2. Kure Wellness: 800 Lake Mendocino Dr, Ukiah, CA 95482
  3. New Amsterdam Naturals: 9021 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034


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