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Going VIP In Phoenix: Flourishing in the Desert



GOING VIP IN PHOENIX: Flourishing in the Desert 1

When I got the invite to attend the Flourish Release Party at the Clarendon Hotel on the evening of Nov. 19, I could barely contain my excitement. Clarendon owner, Ben Bethel has spent years developing an independent, alternative hotel in the heart of Downtown Phoenix that delivers a uniquely fabulous experience. It was no surprise to discover that Flourish had taken over the entire hotel to host its fully medicated event extravaganza, signifying the realization of four years worth of hard work.

Flourish founder and Executive Chef, Payton Curry is well known in the cannabis community for his progressive ideals and his passionate approach to revealing the magic of cannabis. With more than 20 years in the kitchen and a degree from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Exec Chef Curry is more than qualified to be the one behind the recipes of this brand-new edibles line that is dedicated to consistent, healthy dosing. After a long journey of weeding through potential partners, Curry came across the like-minded crew at VAPEN Extracts and he knew he had found friends to ‘flourish’ with.

VAPEN Products

VAPEN Products

After checking in at the front desk and being greeted with a medicated brownie, VAPEN handed me a swag bag full of goodies like Paris OG Clear Concentrate, a bottle of Grand Daddy Purp THC Syrup and an OG Kush cartridge. I could only anticipate what was to come as I stepped onto the elevator with the evenings host Scott, manager of Phoenix’s Herbal Wellness Center, who also moonlights as drag queen, Pandora DeStrange. I couldn’t wait to see what the evening had in store.

Stepping off the elevator onto the rooftop terrace that overlooked the dazzling lights of downtown, I was greeted by three beautiful VAPEN girls who escorted me to the THC cocktail bar. Eric was whipping up some flavorful flavonoid infusions like the Fresh Squeezed Blackberry Sparkling Lemonade or the refreshing Honey Ginger Spritzer made with organic grapefruit and my favorite, Pot Apple Cider. Dosed at 20mg a piece, these cannabis cocktails were tasty and toasty. Next was the Flourish line cannabis buffet that offered up a crudité with Forbidden Valley Ranch, Brat Haus Pretzels with Funny Mustard, French Macaroons, toasted Smores with Salted Caramel Chameleon Sauce and so much more. With each of them being dosed between 10-40mg and factoring in seconds, thirds and then some the numbers added up quick. I didn’t waste any time because next was the VIP dab bar serving up the finest VAPEN Clear concentrates featuring some of their best strains like Grand Daddy Purp, Green Apple, Bubble Gum, Paris OG and Super Lemon Haze. My favorite was the Paris OG/Green Apple double dab combo. You read that right, straight up next level.

VIP Party

VIP Party

After kicking back VIP style, I wanted to get closer to the entertainment so I headed downstairs where the pool deck featured a DJ spinning some fresh beats, three more dab stations, a fully loaded non-medicated buffet, photo booth, sexy synchronized swimming mermaids, poolside pole dancers and to top the evening off, entertainer Pyrrha Sutra put on an acrobatic pyro technique display in leather and lace that climaxed with flames shooting from her breasts. She even used the flames to light up a blunt…impressive! It was an amazing night that was absolutely off the charts and will go down in the history books of memorable events.

There’s no doubt that the flourishing market in Phoenix is quickly setting the standard in a variety of areas throughout the cannabis community and with events like this, I can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out to host your cannabis catered event and contact if your event is in Phoenix.


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