Stoner Favorite Gramatik Talks About His ‘Marriage’ With Weed

‘It's Been A Very Happy And Healthy Relationship’

A few days ago, High Times dropped the latest track by Gramatik, an ode to cannabis titled “Puff Your Cares Away,” an electronic music flip of the 1952 Les Paul and Mary Ford cover of “Smoke Rings.”

As per usual, the song was very well received by the cannabis community, which seems to love Gramatik’s chill vibes and seamlessly flowing albums, perfect to listen to while partaking.

Interested in learning more about Gram’s love of cannabis, DOPE Magazine caught up with the New York-based electronic music producer and composer, who’s as much of a fan of weed as he is a fan of free music – and this guy has released hundreds of tracks for people to download at no cost.

A Happy Marriage

Before becoming Gramatik, Denis Jašarević lived in Slovenia. It was there where he tried his first joint, on the last day of the eighth grade –please note this is not an endorsement of underage cannabis use.

He did not get high on that occasion, though.

“The second time I smoked was a few weeks after that, and it worked so well that I was actually tripping,” he told DOPE. “My friends and I were laying on a pier, on the beach in my hometown, looking up at the stars, and all of the sudden everything started moving. We saw all these colorful shapes, the stars actually started clustering together into shapes that were moving and all kinds of wild stuff.”

He stopped for a second, reflected, and went on.

“Thinking back on it now, I feel like that weed might have been spiked with something, cause I’ve only ever tripped like that on acid since then.”

Stoner Favorite Gramatik Talks About His ‘Marriage’ With Weed

Notwithstanding, Gram fell in love with weed. “I’ve been married to cannabis since I was 14. It’s been a very happy and healthy relationship, with occasional panic attacks here and there, but nothing our mutual love couldn’t overcome; and each time we did, our bond just grew stronger and stronger.”

“She has always been there for me, every studio hour of my career, every song, every album, she has always been 100 percent supportive and aided me every step of the way,” he said, adding that cannabis even helped him get rid of his childhood asthma within the first year of consuming it.

In the past year or so, Gram decided to take his relationship with cannabis to the next level: he would no longer burn it. Instead, he’d only consume it using an Arizer Air II vaporizer. “She was super into it and it’s been working out great for both of us,” Gram added, returning to the marriage metaphor. “I honestly don’t know what I would do without her, and I’m so happy that the great state of New York is finally preparing to legalize her this year so our marriage will finally be legitimized in our home state as well. Exciting times!”


To wrap things up, we asked a question that’s becoming a classic: What’s the story of the best joint you ever smoked?

“Oh man, it’s an absolutely amazing story, you’re not gonna believe this,” he said.

“It was back in like 2004: one afternoon my friends and I decided to go on a boat ride in my hometown: Portoroz, Slovenia. One of them brought a massive two-foot-long joint … and I actually don’t remember the rest of the story at all. That’s how I know it was the best joint I ever smoked.”

Stoner Favorite Gramatik Talks About His ‘Marriage’ With Weed

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