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Grandaddy Purple Wax



Grandaddy Purple Wax 1

70.54% THC | 0.19% CBD – Tested by: SC Labs

Upon receiving their product, I can immediately tell that Deviant Dabs’ target is the high-class consumer, their Grandaddy Purple wax is an excellent offering for those seeking the effects of a potent indica. Deviant’s packaging is a distinctive and discrete container resembling a compact mirror that begs to be reused. The ‘compact’ easily slips into my pocket with ease, unlike the standard silicone puck and provides more protection than an envelope.

The dark, crumbly wax with a chocolate berry nose provides a dab that’s surprisingly light and slightly herbal upon exhale. I enjoyed the easy lung-feel because huge dabs of these purps are just what the granddaddy ordered to ease my anxiety and muscle tension. I previously hadn’t found the appeal of this California standard. Thanks to the high THC content and a nice balance of CBD and CBN, it’s easy to say I’m now a convert of GDP’s calm, cloudy high.

Deviant Dabs’ GDP


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